New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

Blade runner 2049Denis Villeneuve — an absolute aesthetic of cinematic pleasure!!!

The result of a giant well-coordinated work of Director, cameraman and artists of the project — initially ambitious and ambiguous (exactly as ambiguous and controversial movie 1982) — this motion picture is amazing. First of all, an abundance of ingenious and accurate parts, folding in the picture is not banal, attention to detail, emotional world (filled with the mean, therefore more genuine feelings). Impregnating the voltage achieved is not the usual aggressive methods of installation, hopping narrative and the pressures of the music, but the finely calibrated rhythm of the film for a long his race, by ascetic actions are not let go, but envelops the viewer, ultimately absorbing all his attention.

Do you have film negatives? No doubt. But they are associated exclusively with the plot and some scenic moves. And therefore touch upon this subject now — just 3 days after the start of the rental — not desirable at all. I can only say that the final, much more open than in his 1982 film, personally I have left the taste of disappointment.

Why I have twice used long term “film, 1982’s” instead of “original”? Only because the name “blade Runner 2049” is simply an extension of me personally very difficult. And that is the perfect sequel. The sequel, which became an independent piece of cinematic art, absorbed all the best from its predecessor (the atmosphere, visual feast, the ambiguity raised the topic and not the usual narrative style), but has its own unique advantages.

As if I didn’t want to speak collectively without entering into the details, I can not say how difficult, impressive, almost overwhelming work was done by film Director Denis Villeneuve. His vision of the world, once created by Ridley Scott, was, in my opinion, much deeper, closer, more emotional vision primary. Perhaps the times demand. Vision of Ridley Scott was a revolutionary for his generation. Vision by Denis Villeneuve was revolutionary for me today. And this is reflected in replicas of their heroes. On the remark of Rick Deckard: “I was a good COP,” the Key without hesitation replied: “it used to be easier.”

No less amazing job of recreating and redefining the world did the operator and the artist of the picture — Roger Dikins (which this time by the American film Institute will be very difficult to ignore) and Dennis Gassner (however, it is necessary to tell still about the total work of the art Department). Ascetic acting of the existence of Ryan Gosling, in my opinion, perfectly matches the overall tone of the film.

My personal impression from “blade Runner 2049” can be described as enthusiastic, delightful experience. The experience that I want to say again and again, examining the film in detail, admiring his originality (but it’s technically a sequel) and ingenuity, berating him for his shortcomings, savoring his dignity. Jealous, in the end! For appreciating, how can the experience work as a Herculean effort, coupled with incredible talent and vast experience of its creators — I feel small, no capable student; perhaps the vtoroklashke, who in his doctoral dissertation of the master.

As you know, “blade Runnerby Ridley Scott was the progenitor and source of inspiration for many authors of science fiction movies. “Blade runner 2049Denis Villeneuve — from now on, my personal source of admiration and inspiration!

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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