New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

Looked. If the short is good, quite atmospheric cyberpunk detective + holographic pink girl the size of a house! Naked!

Um, okay, about the movie…

Time cyberpunk first question, of course, managed to convey the atmosphere of cyberpunk? Yes, I think you succeeded. Panoramic views of the musty living quarters, filled with poverty and high-tech, large-scale abandoned city, like echoes of a past life, some strange citadel of the rich. Music, perfectly complementing the picture (well as without it in a good movie). Good old slums, poverty, high tech gadgets, holograms advertising everywhere. The atmosphere of futility and meaninglessness of existence, on the background brought to the technological excellence of entertainment and ways of stimulating pleasure centers — Yes, all present, though the emphasis on this not so obvious.

In the first place all the same story. Mystery, secret, which, our hero unravels. The thread of the investigation is quite logical, at first a feeling that something is wrong. And in the process, this feeling only strengthened, developing in confidence and character, and the viewer. Well, they are detective detective. Nothing “stupid” does not explain, but the story itself, the actions and events show you who is what, allowing to guess, and even to think hard about the meaning of life is a sign of a good script. And pleased with the ending — unexpected, and the viewer has the opportunity to guess yourself, detective plus.

There is a place for philosophy, again, the good old — to what perfection must reach the top to get the right to be considered human. You need to have a similar appearance and intelligence. And maybe the ability to think freely, to decide, to dream, to produce offspring? Small spoiler — not to what, androids have been almost indistinguishable from humans. Nobody cares, because they are the perfect slaves with no rights.

– I have no soul
– And you need it? You look pretty good.

Here, the whole point. All have long understood that the androids have basically the same people, but pretend that this is not so, because they are so convenient as a disenfranchised labor force. This ambiguity, when everything is understood injustice, but tacitly agree to all this hypocrisy goes through the entire film. And all have been used and just taking it in the spirit of “well, what can I do alone”. How it all familiar…

Of the minuses — the plot is relatively quiet, someone may not like that there is no ekshona every minute. For me it rules, and a soothing music is so generally excellent.

Not a masterpiece (Stavrov generally small), but very high quality, with good, original script, good picture, good complementary music and a bit of philosophy in the spirit of “do androids dream elektroauto”.

In short, I recommend.

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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