New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

By fate I saw this movie twice on Thursday evening and Friday morning, and what I want to say…

First, one thing for true film fans.

The first “BladeRunner” was a cult film (neither in the States nor in Europe… we have it too was not a “legend video”), as it is neither trying to show reviewers and journalists (the initial phrase of the type “how long did you wait” is non-real and absurd). A certain layer of the first cult “BR” overgrown with time, when there were literary, musical and playing styles in the spirit of cyber-punk and their ilk. When a certain intellectual minority (from which 80% depends, what kind of legacy will have a movie/painting/composition) suddenly remembered that it wasn’t a particularly well-known, but “nothing be in the spirit” film (in the USSR, translated “Running on the razor’s edge” or” blade”). And here came together. For the product (in a good way) can’t be a cult if he’s super popular. “Terminator” is not a cult, “the Terminator” popular. Same with the band “Metallica” etc. — it has always been popular, but the cult was not. These are two “big differences, and it is repulsed by this humble review. “Blade runner” — the first, the second is a product of a narrowly-restricted number of viewers, which, at the same time, can really understand and a good movie and good music, and good picture.

To the delight of those who have not watched the first:

First and second are not bound by anything, except that is very clearly explained in the second (taken into account the mistakes of other sequels).

Next: solid Denis Villeneuve. It’s a movie of it. The tape goes 2:30 without credits (!) hours, and every 40 minutes you realize that this film is one person (and nichrome not Gosling).

By and large, the film could not be the scenario. But the viewer who understands the beauty of the visual component will watch these 2:30 hours without captions, forgetting about the popcorn and soda. The script and story, shows us the Director is not needed when there is such a visual series…

Mr. Villeneuve is the greatest artist, able to make a work of visual art even of the plotless picture (which, by and large, and is “BladeRunner 2049”, and which, by an even greater account was his (Villeneuve’s) “Sicario”, which as it was impossible to break away at the absolute lack of original script… the author of the review really says about “the Enemy” and “Arrival”).

This film is the work of one man. Of the Director, which must give all the sequels to the Terminator and Alien, which can not be adeuqate scenarios, and this, alas, we must admit. But this man, apparently, still do so that they (Alien Terminator), at least be watchable.

And how!

The first negative of the film, perhaps, except for the scenario completely closes the brilliant directing and operatorii, is the last 40 minutes. There begins the action, without which Hollywood is apparently not well maybe, it seems, comrades Vilnev and others like them not yet that Hollywood bosses to convince them that it is, to put it mildly, not necessarily obsolete.

Another minus of the film — the presence of Jared Leto. What is that actor anyway? For what purpose he appears on the screen and something is trying to show? Fortunately, it here a little, but 20 minutes of the film he ruined. Mr. Summer like outlined already that he is more musician than actor, and actually let him play with your hands on the guitar. Despite the fact that he is no musician, the same as the actor. But girls seem to like it, so it’s better there, not here. Comrade Summer — explicit and totally inappropriate minus of this movie…

And finally, fastening: is a film Director. If you don’t know his name or watched his previous films, don’t watch this one. If you even watched the first “BR” ‘t see the second, if you are not familiar with the movie friend of Villeneuve.

PS Who else noticed that the Gosling without his traslochi in the form of the beard — a frostbitten bum. And treslott — quite a “La La Land”)

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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