New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

“Blade runner 2049” is a philosophical parable, the main question which is the question of human nature. Its main character, a Replicant (Android) named Karl finds himself and learns to be human. He is looking for a present to the world and ourselves, trying to understand the nature of their memories and feelings. K. loves the girl is a hologram, computer program, created to meet the emotional needs of people.

But what is true feelings and how to distinguish them from fakes? Can artificial intelligence love? But if these feelings are no different from human, then why can’t they be considered real? Because in AI there is no freedom and the girl is a hologram programmed for it? Her feelings cool down, she can’t be offended or leave, but don’t people think these relationships are perfect? Because marriage in the religious sense is the marriage bond (i.e., shackles): a wife cannot leave her husband, and the husband from his wife, their marriage is made in heaven and cannot be terminated. In this case, why we can’t count the hologram of joy a perfect wife, and her feelings for K. the highest form of love?

In my opinion, of course, you can’t. After all, the man is the one who knows what is good and evil, love and its absence, and is able to choose between them. Therefore, the love of a girl-the hologram is an illusion. I thought it was understood, and the main character at the end of the film, when I saw a slogan of their favorite “things”: Everything you want to see. Everything you want to hear.

Throughout the film the officer reveals a human. And in this search it is impossible to stop. Because “man” is something transcendental, it is primarily the task and the goal, not something once and for all is described, documented and decorated. Man is a riddle and a mystery. And that the pursuit of that unknowable mystery makes us human.

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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