New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

Now it is probably no surprise the topic of artificial intelligence in our lives. And what is the life and soul like human, and “Android” and what is it that makes us human? Last year alone taken enough pictures. A very good TV series “the wild West” and very bad adaptation of the manga “Ghost in the shell”. Also, and I am not surprised the characters constituting the original 1982 “blade Runner” by Ridley Cattle, which I saw just a couple of weeks ago. In addition to the visual, it was stunning! Even now this movie looks very dignified. And for that time it was a breakthrough.

And now, after 35 years we have waited! Came a worthy sequel to “blade Runner” Which does not copy the film, and not repeating it, and it complements. Despite the fact that it’s Sci Fi Cyber punk under visual Neo-Noir, this picture is very beautiful. Colors, landscapes with lots of detailed locations and stunning cinematography of Roger Dickins together with the compositions of Zimmer and Walvis Bay are doing their job. And not only visual beautiful this picture, but love component. Yes, you heard right, it is there, and she’s very good. I would even say many of the romantic movies have much to learn from Bladerunner. It is very original and interesting, and most importantly you believe in it! But to my regret it was very short. From all this I got an incredible aesthetic pleasure when viewing the film.

As for the semantic component, Denis Villeneuve has not brought anything new. And, probably, this movie was not necessary, since all the questions that were in the 1st film, just stayed in 2nd. I bring this up, because familiar with the work of this Director a long time. Almost all of his films you collect as a mosaic, “Enemy”, “Fire”, “Arrival”, when the Director openly says what the picture is, and you’re trying to handle things on my own. Perhaps that is why I was expecting something a little more though and realized that this is a sequel and not an independent picture. But, those who are acquainted with this world for the first time, will be something to think about.

What separately, I would like to say is the timing. The film is almost 3 hours! And again it is the merit of Denis Villeneuve, who unleashed. And it showed in the film is what was intended, that nowadays a rarity and can not but rejoice. Someone is scare, and someone will not be enough. For me personally this ride lasted as long as needed.

Subtotal: Denis Villeneuve’s film “Blade Runner 2049” this is probably the best dystopia for the last 15 years since the Matrix. Movie with stunning visual style and an interesting plot. With a well-chosen custom and meaning on a level of the first part. The movie has everything that would be going through the years to be called a cult.

Is the dog real?
– You ask her.

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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