New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

The day started great, 150r for a ticket to the IMAX — only less free. Anxious to see creation Studio famous Ridley Scott, and I pushed hard to meet new people. However long, well-deserved fine of 2,000 rubles cooled me down, and slowed down the mood to the level “below a plinth”. And despite the beginning of the cinema I came out delighted! And believe me, this is not often, approximately every 2-3 years. So what impresses Denis Villeneuve and the team, what about blade Runner 2049, so it attracts, fascinates and impresses? As always, let’s break it down.

Let’s start with the script. To do a sequel film classics, the more than 35 years ago, which itself was brought up — a dream and a nightmare for anyone. For any slightest flaw, the audience just annihilated authors, as has happened more than once. Of course to work on the plot drew HAMPTON of Panera — the man who led the group of adaptation of the novel in ‘ 81, and later developed a series of short films in the same franchise. We hasten to please all fans of the original 82го year (in all its canonical and not only versions) — the creators painstakingly, carefully, and “You” treated with the original, so cool and continued that bad word about their work will not say. The history of the new blade runner and similar and dissimilar to the original, and making reference to the original source, and making a fair share of innovations, multiplying the great legacy of the film that many fans seriously called the best sci-fi band in history. Seasoned cyber-punk style city of angels, but shows and new locations, the spirit, the atmosphere is saved. The action still unfolds slowly, stopping at important points, highlighting interesting themes, and ritmichno accelerating, pushing up the pace, giving bread to the brain, but spectacle eyes.

Oh-Oh-Oh! The visual component is generally a separate song. I don’t even know what to compare it to. This movie will be a long time to speak. It turned out to be devilishly handsome, stylish, matured and gorgeous. Here warm and cold colors support the mood at the right moment, and the Grand majestic shooting locations, and unique closeups. It’s just an existential orgasm. Frame by frame, block by block, wave after wave world of blade Runner will try to knock you through your eyes. That’s exactly the case when see is worth more than a hundred thousand and a million times to hear, or read. The picture is just perfect. Her exceptional attention to detail, the attentive viewer during the film will highlight the hundreds of nuances, each of which tells a lot about the world in which the action occurs. And most importantly — the narrative here is not rushing headlong, as is now usual, it leaves time to think and reflect on what they saw.

Despite large by the standards of blockbusters timing, blame the Director of the slowness can only be blind. From the movie nothing to throw out everything, just everything in its place. I wouldn’t be surprised if Denis Villeneuve will receive its long-awaited “Oscar” for this film. I saw in the cinema as people age, perfectly remembering the original or the very young who are most likely the picture 82го year alien. Both were out of session in light shock, which once again emphasizes that the Director has made every effort to not only pay tribute to the work 35 years ago, but also brought a lot of new things, made me think and young audience. In my highly subjective opinion neither Captive nor a Murderer, nor even the Arrival, which I also love, don’t stand in the same row with the new blade Runner. This film is another scale for Villeneuve, his best film. Well, blame two and a half hours the film is, will those who are accustomed to a popcorn movie is, everything in the film is actually not important to svetelka-perdelka from the world of cinema. This has already happened, I heard these ridiculous sighs “Yes, as you can” and Cloud Atlas and Interstellar, but don’t be they the worse? Serious movie, filled with meaning, not fake, not the wrapper from the candy should not and cannot be restricted to some cliché like “a movie for 90 minutes.”

The music is just amazing. I had goosebumps, honestly. Then you flinch, like a horror movie, and relax, and of course will be passionate about the tunes of Benjamin Wallfish in postprocessing my favorite movie contemporary composer Hans Zimmer. It is not better or worse than the music of Vangelis from the original. Each tune the time — new soundtrack, more technical, more saturated. All this gives him the present, but certainly not loses the connection with the painting of the predecessor for the Duo composers thank you. Zimmer joined the project recently, but I’m glad it happened, because we got not only the graphic but aural masterpiece that is not to say about the recent “It”, where Wallfish did good, but still far from ideal audio.

Finally worth noting is the acting. Well, here she does not disappoint. Ryan Gosling and did not receive an Oscar for La La Land don’t get it obviously and blade Runner. He plays well, the role is quite deep, but something it lacks, something elusive, I don’t know. Just subjectively in La-La Land, he was better. Although perhaps it is closer to me the role of the jazzman. Don’t know, but I know one thing for sure — in a joint staffing with Harrison Ford last takes all the attention to himself. Yes, grandpa is still very much alive and as the old COP looks just phenomenal. Any Indiana or all of known space pirate is also going like a good idea, but there is right one hundred percent hit. Antagonists — Jared Leto and Sylvia hooks extend its role to the maximum. I hope the Summer will not be as much to blame as the other a secondary role almost the main villain. Other minor characters also do not spoil the surroundings, and add in a little something of his in the picture. Overall the acting and I was very pleased.

Blade runner 1982 has launched many cyber-punk projects, has inspired thousands of people and hundreds of paintings. Version 1992, according to a survey of sixty scientists, conducted by the British newspaper “The Guardian”, was recognized as the best science fiction movie ever. Best or not — judge for yourself, but this year, came the sequel — blade Runner 2049, which certainly will go down in history, because he deserves it. And no amount of fines will not prevent you to evaluate it.

9 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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