New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

The sequel to “blade Runner 2049” this time from Denis Villeneuve, who has conquered the world with their “Arrival”, immersed in the oppressive atmosphere of the future is completely and without a trace. The whole movie is like a spider web gently envelops. Thanks to the stunning visuals and incredible music from Hans Zimmer. So nicely filmed fiction for a long time. In the picture is not a lot of dialogue and most of the dive time going through all the possible effects. Add to this the almost complete lack of action scenes. It turns out modern unique fiction, which is not trying to keep viewers with endless explosions and gunfire. No, the movie above.

Continuing the story is closely intertwined with the classic ribbon, 1982. Older models of Replicants, artificial people-slaves, destroyed. To replace them came a new limp Replicants who unconditionally have to take orders from people. The world during that time became even more dark and gray. Now blade runner and a hunter of other unwanted Replicants, and the Replicants in the performance of Ryan Gosling, who by the way have gathered the best movies for roles in 2017. He was entrusted with the task, in the course of which he discovers that the Replicant woman could get pregnant and have a baby. This information can turn the whole world, so it is important to find and destroy the child.

Detective line and the intrigue created in the beginning of the film opens the viewer to the very end. You have to think for yourself and compare the facts with the main character. If you succeed, because the picture is entirely mesmerizing and impossible to put down from the screen. Organically looked in this world, the Spanish starlet Ana De Armas, who played beloved Ryan as artificial intelligence. This film is a completely separate genre of science fiction, comparable only to that of its first part. The weathering is perfect. Classic characters also involved in the plot. Harrison Ford sprightly 70-year old man can still bring the heat. The picture shows a lot of chips of the future, interesting finds and unusual ideas. Overall this is a worthy sequel to the classic story in which the plot, though simple, but no less interesting, thanks to all audiovisual effects gave the whole atmosphere a neo-Noir Thriller.

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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