New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

Not a single trailer of this film was not viewed. None of the promotional video of the film was not seen. None of the shorts in this film were not evaluated (possibly in vain). And all so after three hours spent in the cinema, to go with the words: “well, I can die now!”. After all, it’s Denis Villeneuve (canadian), it’s “blade Runner 2 (049)”! Only here to hide from the media in 2к17, even more difficult than bladrunner in 2к49. Still not watching the film, you can be convinced that “Villeneuve is a genius” and his new film “a masterpiece, the atmosphere is worthy of the original!”. Well, protecting you from inflated expectations antiradary shield, was leaking.

Zachin, in the manner of ‘ 80s — straight text on a black background, introduces up to date, simultaneously denouncing one unpleasant side of this film. The transition from literary text to Kincardine, the addition of emotion does not help. Not counting the beautiful visuals, if you continue to read the text on a black background. Phlegmatic-paced plot, coupled with the fashion of the 40’s to static faces, flat voices, give no response in the heart. Perhaps Villeneuve decided to make a movie with the “stock” for a couple of decades, and realistic to show a sterile future, but in comparison with the original, the film does not cause any emotions. In addition, unreasonably stretched the ears timing, makes viewing quite netseplyayuschie film even more tedious.

The budget of “the Dark knight”, allowed Villeneuve to use photo-realistic graphics, and to create a really attractive image, on dark-grey tones. That is the picture the film is most approached, and even surpassed the original, but as you know, sketching is not a serious achievement. But the music of the movie is the biggest problem. It here as it is not. The entire film took place to the accompaniment of steamship buzz a different tone, which failed to find at least as interesting motive. But there in the credits, for a moment, Zimmer…

And certainly seeds are the problem of the plot, which is okay, that nothing shit-kicking does not contain. But being a sequel of the cult film, and tacitly claiming such status, the picture allows himself to operate unacceptably conventions, such as uninterrupted power supply in the abandoned town, and in particular to deliver: we can now kill the Gosling, and to extinguish the neon in the movie, but the Charter (script) forbids us to kill of a character who in the future will try to stop us!

Pleased old Ford, raised in the memory of the great movie “Birdman”. Like the hero of Michael Keaton, he seemed to be a little late to your movie.

“Blade runner 2019”, his cult owes many people. This stylish, atmospheric cyberpunk with morals and the idea is remembered by many parties, but the brightest he has in the Rutger Hauer. It was his contribution seems to be the most significant. Alas, in “blade Runner 2049” these major investments had been made, but the most weighty of them has made not a Director, not a writer and operator Roger Dikins.

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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