New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

From the first moments we set the tone, and you realize that it’s a genre movie. The very thing which is so little and which is rare.

Music and picture living in this film separately, so I thought. Was ready to dissolve and just to look at it very long when the main character flying in his car on SGI-town or walked slowly around the area. The author obviously tried to show this atmosphere, that the viewer could tune in and appreciate this kind of aesthetics. Zimmer has done his job. A vibrating sound that combines drums, screeching electric thunder — lovely outrageously, I love these soundtracks. This reinterpretation of the old tracks of the 90s. Something similar happened in the re-release “It”. Sometimes it seemed to me that it’s even too much, because the music distracted the too much attention. Music technogenic occasionally diluted by melodic and calm from Frank Sinatra. He always aroused in my mind and the sadness that no matter what is happiness, consoling you that the world is just so much awesome. Autumn-winter mood.

Villeneuve shows us a futuristic world in Noire, who is not trying to assess. There are no outright antagonism of society: openly bad and the good, the homeless and the elite. All this, of course, there as everywhere, but the main emphasis is not on it, everyone knows that in the future will not be anything happier and more fun than it is now. Exactly what is now. This is one of the points when I woke up with a hangover and your world slowed down and nonchalantly beautiful.

The film is layered in the reflections. Without going deeply, you can see the question about the ethics of the existence of artificial intelligence, identity, the usual desire for images of “father”, love as something more and that we will. On the one hand is the Elegy on the future, on the other — the hope to preserve something sacred, rethinking. It is more than a promise from the movie “the car”. I might invest in it too more sense as a genre film in its structure, always has a fairly simple plot, in contrast to copyright, but it is a cross between. This can be compared to how one or the other, the Director shows us the sadness. Someone can show us how the hero drinking, sitting on the couch of the neck of the bottle of whiskey and falls asleep on his chair, and someone can show his inner feelings with all my film, as did Tarkovsky in “Nostalgia”.

We are not told about Frank utopia, we can understand context that may have been a nuclear war, but there’s no post-Apocalypse with his people who want to slit your throat “for nothing”, the struggle for power and resources. The world of the future — a branch of Japan small apartment, “artificial intelligence” that is indistinguishable from reality and rebirth of humanity, from which all will be “coming” for a long time in the movie.

Pros: the technical side of the film, the atmospheric pressure may component of the story.

There are drawbacks: the role of Gosling in this film meant a little more clumsiness, the universal grief and loneliness with the manner of life consistent with his “type of people”. But I still think that this communicating role. Maybe that’s the plan — requirements of a genre film is always limited to the rigid framework of behavior. I do not like the way he played my love to “the girl”. So when almost at the end of the film there is what I can’t write because of spoilers, we don’t show any openly strong feelings of the protagonist. Therefore, it is not clear why this character (“girl”) showed us and introduced several times. The hero himself did not become a kinder, smarter or more fun. He has development, but it shows his decision and artistic method here is just a memory you uttered the phrase that appears when the Director wants to show us the logic of behavior of the main character. Why you need a “girl”? The only thing I can recognize in this attempt to show us through this world in a projected future. Perhaps the sad and inevitable world as in the new book Pelevin, defected to the sexy tech gadgets and simulation, live — magic, which as stated in the famous phrase, due to its complicated algorithm is almost indistinguishable from magic, although it is not.

Briefly: the story without a detective, focusing on meditative and seamless story “spread” on three hours with the familiar images of post-Apocalypse trash, lack of sufficient environment. There is an analogue of AI in the form of Replicants and bestchina love.

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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