New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

“Blade runner” 1982, a film called classics of the genre. One of the best if not the best representative of the genre of science fiction. And indeed, the film with such deep philosophical idea, with a sustained atmosphere and style in General, and not similar. “Blade runner”, I won’t conceal, it’s rather hard to look at the timing of the first part does not really spoil the dynamics or action scenes. For some thoughtful and stylish detective-style cyberpunk we receive. Can not pay attention to the dynamics. Too much time has passed, and for the shortest possible time the viewer has lost confidence in the sequels, rimeika, etc., and honestly my fears for this sequel was also great, because its estimate will be treated very strictly, because the first part even more relevant now, and now also is the time when everyone wants to fill their pockets with money and just earn, even if the names of cult movies. But all fears were unfounded.

I’m not going to retell the plot, but let’s just say that what I saw in the trailer — is not the main idea of the film (at least, I’m not all trailers are seen). Each film needs to set a goal, to which the main characters must eventually come, the movie makes from the very first minute, but it does so slowly and gradually, it flawlessly manages to steal all the attention and the interest of the viewer and keeps in suspense until the very end. Like I said, here you have a colorful and long action scenes, instead you will find a great detective and investigation, designed to the smallest detail. Even when it seems that the main mystery of the film we’ve solved every secret has become a reality, there is a sharp turn, which completely discourages the viewer and then there is even more questions that the film tries to answer the story progresses and he answers those who need to finish the narration of this story that will probably mark the beginning of another. Well, we are all waiting.

The story is told from a different person, and it is in their interest. Here for the nostalgia, I mean the appearance and the mention of characters from the first part are not the main trump card that will make the viewer say “Wow”. Even appearing, Rick Descartes still does not pulls the blanket over himself and Officer Kay is still the main character and the story focused on it. As for the cast, I would say that here has done a phenomenal job, and the character development was not given enough time, but it is made beautifully. Even the scene when a huge hologram of the finger at Kay, I can be the most profound movie in a long time, demonstrating character development, without words, only emotions.

I want to say that the courage of “Blade Runner 2049” to be envied. Not to abandon the rating of R 18+ and serve a serious and intelligent film in our time, is a very big risk, but nevertheless. Separately I want to tell you about the atmosphere. All the same gloomy Los Angeles, the same rain, the gloomy streets, and the colors from the neon signs and advertisements pleasing to the eye and fully get aesthetic pleasure from these views and scenery. The play of colors and camera work deserve special praise. As already mentioned, the film is characterized by slowness, and she apparently is used to visually show us the beauty soulless and gray future that had forgotten how beautiful and bright the world was before and which will never return.

The result:

Going on “blade Runner 2049” I didn’t expect to find a movie that will be among my favorites. The view takes almost 3 hours, but for me they flew, and in the end I said “I want more”, and I don’t even know what I want now more to view it again or see a continuation of the story, and another question – is it possible those questions, the answers to which we expect to receive in the next part, should be left to the viewer or even unsolved. The idea of the movie about how “life is the greatest gift” is fully exposed. It was shown in the first part, and secured in the second, people are no longer attracted to life, while the Replicants themselves appreciate this gift more. It makes no sense to talk about the visual beauty and globallyconnected a film while you yourself can’t see it. Fans of science fiction and detectives are strictly forbidden to miss this creature.

By far, the best movie of the year!

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 08.10.2017

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