New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

It is difficult to make intelligent FICTION like the destroyer, a Space Odyssey or the original Runner by Ridley Scott, because the creators of the 70, 80 and 90s had a special Muse — fantasy, which is not typical of damped today’s generation. Something where you can see a gleam of originality, like the Secrets of the 7 sisters, but harder to convey the essence of creation, so Danny Villeneuve decided after Arrival to send us to familiar but confusing world of intrigue, danger, Replicants, and most importantly — cyberpunk. Of course all that was presented to the filmmakers of those years did not come true, as are the robots in human guise. However, this did not prevent me in the beginning of the year to overpower the blade Runner with Ford in anticipation of viewing, thinking about two things: even if the hero Harrison was not merged in SV and it is a pity that Rutger Hauer will not appear. Well, it remains to be seen fulfilled all this or not?

Officer dick was aware that the Replicants do not live long, as his lover, he almost left the world. But the past never sleeps and a new blade Key seeks him out to find the answer to the question of who will remain in the future: man or machine?

It is noteworthy that all the girls from the Replicants , Sean young, Daryl Hannah, Ana de Armas always play villains in any genre and the movie interesting is the choice of the creators, or are they really by chance come across. Ana de Armas shines though the body, but acting well and shows even better, I would love an obedient wife.

Hated Gosling until recently didn’t run into Nice guys. Now he delights us with officer K and is clearly fulfilling the order. Hmm, like a robot or something!

While Jared Leto misses 3 he takes the Throne is not very big but significant villainous role, to which he was accustomed. I think in the short film he had more time to expand. The same story from Batista.

While browsing the was mystery and intrigue hung, so that by the detective. But the big surprise for me was the return of the heroes, mainly: a former employee making cranes out of paper, I swear when you looked at it asked what character is this, not really the Boss of Deckard (he was known for to the Snow dogs yet. But…) it turns out he was a wide-brimmed hat and videlyaushey origami and other animals. When he made the Buffalo a light chill ran down her back, I oboldeli. Well, all I wonder about Rachel’s gonna appear or not? Give advice: do not die when you know the truth. Sorry for the Hauer we do not see, but his character is permanently registered in the minds of our parents when they first watched the tapes Running.

Blade runner 2049 — no less enigmatic and mysterious, is not inferior to its first part, but on the contrary surpasses it in several times which is very good! How to anticipate critics, a Masterpiece. 35 years later the sequel came out deep and have not lost the magic of cyberpunk, although the audience can close your ears from LOUD electronic music. Philip K. dick was a great writer of the 20th century reread, and Denis and Ridley added to the imagination of the man in the chair, believing that Replicants have a soul.

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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