New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

“Everything you want to hear”

Picture of Denis Villeneuve’s definitely for the trained viewer. This synthesis, which encompasses a Thriller, cyberpunk, dystopia and neonoir. The Director joked that he directed auteur cinema 180 million it Turned out that you weren’t. In addition, the duration of the narrative is nearly three hours, what kind of call for consumers, the usual Hollywood mass market.

What you need to do to get the maximum pleasure from viewing?Satisfaction and disappointment is the difference between expectation and reality. Therefore, I recommend to sit comfortably in front of the movie screen are already well prepared.

To predict what awaits you at the next premiere is not easy, but possible — see who is behind it. The author’s talented movie make talented authors, in contrast to the passage of the production line blockbusters and franchises. First and foremost is the man on whose shoulders the whole burden of responsibility for the idea, implementation and outcome — directed. In the clip of the canadian Denis Villeneuve’s listed as “Captive”, “the Killer” and the sensational in last year’s “Arrival”. Being in the context of earlier works of the Director, for you, for example, will not be a surprise, a modest amount of action scenes. The Foundation of a painting is based on the material laid in the Foundation. Scenario “Running…” is an adaptation of the novel by Philip K. dick “do androids Dream elektroauto?”. His novels have already been delivered such films as “total Recall” and “minority report”. The perception of the final product meet the operator and composer. “Blade runner 2049” shot thirteen times (Karl!) Oscar nominee Roger Dikins, behind which, for example, “the Shawshank redemption” and “mind Games”. Music fresh “Running…” wrote the brilliant Oscar winner Hans Zimmer (“the lion King,” “the Dark knight”, “interstellar”). Importantly, with so many big names, not to fall into the trap of exaggerated expectations.

Of course, a thorough delving into the annals of cinematic, requires certain skills tediousness and critical thinking, and, unfortunately, does not guarantee that the film will satisfy. Halva God, mankind has come up with easier ways to determine the quality of the films — the people’s (Kinopoisk, IMDB) and professional (Rottentomatoes) criticism. However, as we all know, people for the most part worships the Transformers and believes the shades of gray. But critics — is a failed kinodela. By the way, the film Villeneuve they appreciated very highly. The solution of the problem is quite simple, is identify two or three professional critic, with that of solidarity.

An important key to the full perception, is watching the movie on the big screen. In the case of “blade Runner 2049”, the more the better. As well as the original sound (for example, subtitles) that are often not available due to low supply and demand.

“Blade Runner 2049” is the first sequel to the brilliant “Blade Runner” 1982, the year set by Ridley Scott, the new film from Scott is the producer. The events of the old cult movie developing in 2019-th, and to bind to it a simple storyline, Villeneuve and his team as part of an advertising campaign even introduced three short films, including one anime. Denis Villeneuve filigree recreated antilipidny world, polished style by Ridley Scott, and a hundred gave an impressive post-apocalyptic atmosphere. In the new “Running…”, unlike the old, form defeated content. In addition to the perfect visual incarnation of the world with endless rain in the light of neon lamps, one of the best finds is a love story Replicant with a charming artificial intelligence joy. “Everything you want to hear,” she says, and it would be desirable to listen and listen. I think these girls in the near future will be sold not worse than “Apples”. Previously, this topic was perfectly illustrated in the film “She” spike Jones. In addition, Villeneuve makes a lot of unobtrusive omega on the first “Running…”, conducts and to dwell parallel. Be sure to see “Blade Runner” and then a new “Blade Runner 2049” will be many times bigger and easier to read.

8.5 out of 10

Eat smart movies, and not trust the reviews.

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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