New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

“Blade runner 2049” — best film of 2017 at the moment. I had great difficulty to gather all your thoughts and feelings into a unified whole after watching this film. So there you go

“Blade runner 2049″ is a sci — Fi film in neowarra style. I will not describe the plot of this picture, since in the end, the review would page 3 of pure text, let me just say that this is a sequel to the 1982 film with Harrison Ford in the lead role and Ridley Scott in the Director’s chair. And what can I say, the sequel surpassed the original, despite the fact that is a complete and logical extension of it with all its consequences. In other words, the film’s Director, Denis Villeneuve, in a sense, had their hands tied, and space for the author’s thought was not so much as the need to match the Canon was paramount. Well, let’s actually in the film.

1) the Plot. Without spoilers all not describe, perhaps I will say that there is ridicolously paradigm of God and human nature, which, luckily, only made the film better (unlike the last Alien);

2) Visual. This is the best visual design I’ve ever seen. Style, landscapes, graphics, makeup, closeups, etc. — all done perfectly.

3) Acting. In principle, all the actors played. Not quite a convincing villain out of Jaredo Lettow, but he and screen time enough to swear. Gosling is almost the copy of itself from the “Drive”: unshakable and indestructible, but at heart a vulnerable romantic. Ford image is somewhat reminiscent of Han Solo from “STAR: the force Awakening”, look understand.

4) Music and soundtrack. Hans Zimmer, that says it all.

5) Love line. Guys, THIS is. JUST. SOMETHING. Love between the living entity and artificial intelligence, where else, especially excited the time synchronization (again, look-understand). P. S: the contrast between the decaying system and a thriving technology and science deserves special attention.

P. S. S: in this picture “vulnerability” is its timing. If I cut about 20 minutes of screen time, it does not spoil the overall impression, but in the end there are many rather lengthy and, at times, unnecessary scenes.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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