New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

“Blade runner 2049” is one of the most architecturally verified movies of recent years. There is a feeling that the film with attention to every detail. The creators have not stinted on the breathtaking scenery of the future world, where mixed of many cultures and peoples. Marvelous buildings of unknown purpose, gloomy skyscrapers, flying cars, Russian ballerina, Chinese noodles and Hungarian prostitutes. All this architectural-ethnic frenzy attracts the attention and truly admire. But closer to the middle of the story we “let go”, excited by the alternative world of the future with every minute comes to “no” and reveal all the flaws of the film.

“Blade runner 2049” is a direct continuation of the first blade runner, released in 1982. So go on now consist of “traveling” without seeing the original film is extremely short-sighted thing to do. Fans of the first film will be happy like little children who received a cherished toy, only seeing in the frame Deckard, a Noir Rachel, all these gloomy skyscrapers, spinners and Replicants cute. But for people unfamiliar with the history of film thirty-five years ago will remain only uncomprehending of eyelash batting.

But the first “blade Runner” — the movie is quite specific. I would describe it as “poetic pulling the cat by the balls or admiring the rolling field, decorated with tinsel.” That is, to put it mildly, this is not a film for everyone.

Continuing the story is banal, uninteresting, and easily divined. The film turned out dry, soulless, I would even say sterile. The authors failed to fully disclose all the experiences Replicants, their views of the world, desire to live and thrive. Also, the filmmakers made the most successful attempt to philosophize on the topic of religion and being. It was somewhat ironic to observe how, between the events in the movie, the characters suddenly begin a lengthy discourse about the meaning of life. That only is the replica of the character Harrison Ford: “If you love something let it go.” Did the filmmakers spent several hundred million dollars of production to ensure that their characters carried the weight of the promise of pussy public pages in social networks? There is an obvious flaw of the writers.

Problem passing script enhanced unhurried manner of narration Denis Villeneuve. Movie characters often spend a lot of time to go from point a to point B. the Director unjustifiably smeared three and a half steps in half an hour. He literally relished every speck of dust. The scene with the unfastening of bra took of Gosling something about fifteen minutes. What were we supposed to see in this scene?..

It is clear that increased attention to detail, the slow rhythm is a conscious decision of the Director. Thus, he wanted to immerse us in the atmosphere of this extraordinary world. And plunged, we plunged. But in the place where we disembarked, very sleepy.

Meanwhile, the slow pace of “Arrival” (Villeneuve’s previous film) looked more dignity and allowed to reveal the idea of the film. There: immersion, atmosphere and interest in what is happening. Here: a delight in appearance and absolute indifference to what is happening. Fascinated by the scenes that the idea was to strengthen the presence effect, Villeneuve ignored the plot. Or, perhaps, simply for a feast of design ideas concealed a weak script.

Yes, the work of building the universe done a tremendous. The film is undeniably beautiful. The inscription on the greenhouse “Virgin” is a balm for the soul. Operator, production designer and costume designer are highly specialised. But making film for inkjet orgasm architects, designers and operators not so much. Although, they are people too and also want.

What do we have in the dry residue? “Blade runner 2049” is a little bit Thriller, a little drama, a lot more detective first and foremost a tribute to the fans of the first film. For fans of science fiction, “blade Runner 2049” is a great event. And for people more mundane, rather ordinary pseudo-philosophical murk with a duration of three hours with the handsome Gosling, everybody’s favorite Ford, and multifunctional Summer in the lead roles.

5 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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