New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

I watched this movie in cinema, even in 3D, supposedly the picture is beautiful told me the story told me and everything is fine, the film is a masterpiece, expectations are huge.

I came to the cinema, sat down and began to watch…

Two hours and forty minutes of the film were spent on anything other than a logical development of the plot, explain the world and the characters ‘ actions.

Two hours and forty minutes of the film arose not because of an amazing action, constant development of the plot or detective, no! This is the stupid pause in the dialogue, confusion of the main character and Oh, those slow connections to the “Super surprises””

Two hours and forty minutes of the film, I thought what are people breathing? Why would the Replicants memories? Why the Replicants give emotions? Why do they need genitals? Why even make them completely human-like, if it is obvious that there is a person who will oppose slavery?? History until 1970, with the slave rebellions that teaches nothing? Explanation of “memory Replicants will be more obedient” bullshit.

Two hours and forty minutes of the film the main character, to which women adhere like flies to… suffers from loneliness and love for his transparent Cybertrust that Shine, dvoit and even and pretty, but hangs when calling… Seriously call for a hologram?!

Two hours and forty minutes of the film Is… is… if Coca-Cola is something more like fit, close up when showing the city, Sony is also damn him, that whiskey johnny Walker in the beautiful new packaging which the Old Indiana Jones a million is overkill.

And tell me from where is the dog? He’s on the run for 30 years… Where did he find the dog?

Two hours and forty minutes of the film reveals the theme of… Tits, and she has revealed so many Breasts on the big screen haven’t seen.

I am very unhappy with what made the first part, saturated with activity and vision of the future in the first film, no time to think about issues of reality of this world. You can cut 80 minutes of the film and nothing will change.

Villeneuve great respect and uvazhuha, but alas it did not. Short films by the way were much more interesting.

2 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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