New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

New bladrunner… the Impression is ambiguous in the plus side. Not to say that delight is just still full, but some like him were given the picture and sound.

If in order, the pros:

1). Picture: she’s terrific. In my subjective taste seems to be verified, detailed and real. And yet it is currently in the spirit of the original (we’re talking about the movie Scott, of course, not about elektroauto as the primary source), which can not but rejoice.

2). Sound. Not in life would not think that Zimmer is willing to do ambient. It was a great accompaniment, which gave, perhaps, more than half of the total effect. Especially in the movies. Gave “Dune” (purely oswanski), and sometimes even the sound of Vangelis from the original.

3). Ford. “You pulled his charisma” (as one of the reviewers favorite journal), and you can be happy, despite the relatively small screen time.

4). In a few moments I remembered the movie “It”. Actually, beautifully presented the theme of feelings (maybe love line sometimes too much for my taste, but overall, wheels due to the unusual interpretation).

5). Reference to the original. Place, in the right quantities and on time. Just like it should be.

6)… and again the sound along with the picture. Still, it was awesome. That alone outweighs all the other drawbacks of the film


1).(well, not so sure here, maybe a plus, but probably still more minus): Gosling in the role of Gosling. And Terminator places exuded. I should retake my second favorite film of the franchise (God forbid, of course), he would, I think, would make a great T1000. Yes, those probably have to be his character (I don’t know what there is more wine the Gosling or the writers, and Director), but, firstly, there is the film moments when the opportunity to show what once was, and secondly, here’s the thing, there is Ford and all the attention is attracts.

2). Little Summer. His character seems to me very “MediaStream”. As if this will be done in the following parts (all right with, because the following adaptation may not be).

3). Haven’t found a character similar to the Hauer on charisma — which is a pity.

4). From the whole world once fell the people that are not too pleased…

5). Some slowness is present (though not so much that it became quite boring).

Bottom line: a good, solid fantasy, a worthy successor to the first film (regardless of version), in spirit, with great picture and, most importantly, sound. Not exactly a masterpiece, but the advantages are enough to more than cover the cons (IMHO). I hope the rental will not fail…

8.5 out of 10

PS: Some of the scenes were, like, “rehearsal for the Dunes”, which on the one hand encouraging, on the other — raises concerns.

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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