New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

Few things in this mortal world you can watch endlessly: fire, water and the new film, Denis Villeneuve’s “blade Runner 2049”.

Perhaps a sequel of the cult film turned out so perfect that it’s not even hard to believe. Actually, after watching this film I had a strong desire to cut myself out of wood Villeneuve statue and worship her day and night. Because the films invariably act on me like a dose of the spirits, forcing them to dive into the magical worlds and to immerse oneself in the story, and then a week to turn in my head, film and commercials to dig up new meanings or re-experience the visual admiration of the picture.

The sequel to “blade Runner” turned out to be extraordinarily harmonious. Perfect visual execution in combination with the amazing soundtrack makes you immerse in the world of painting with his head. And even when you begin to drown in the burst of colours, paints and Taguig, sneaks to the soul of sounds to choose out does not want to.

The story, according to many, got too stretched, but to me personally, this rate seemed quite reasonable, the picture is more meditative, to a certain extent philosophical, with light echoes of existential motives. Dialogues with long pauses fit perfectly, the slow pace of the characters is consistent with the basic tempo of the picture and helps to more complete and deep disclosing of characters, the narrative literally envelops the viewer with its slow pace. Of course, the film does not claim to be the most intellectual picture of the year, and it is not necessary, all the same, it belongs to the category of science fiction, and it imposes certain limits.

Separately want to mention great references to the original part, which in his eyes welling up a tear, so many emotions caused the first “blade Runner” and it was so hard waiting for the sequel and fears that he will get another mass of lasciviousness.

About the game of actors is difficult to say that either, as most of the main characters is a Replicant, and this means that they have violent emotions debatable. However, in tense moments where the suspense reaches the limit, Gosling and company play great.

Perhaps, if I will not stay here, my excited rant reaches a very impressive size, so to summarize, say, “blade Runner” (for me) one of the best films in this genre, and paintings in General over the past few years. An incredible mix of interesting, but not very twisted plot, great post-apocalyptic soundtrack, brilliant imaging quality of the acting and of references to the original will not leave indifferent neither fans of the first part, no new viewers, although the latter to get involved in the film would be very difficult.

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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