New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

The continuation of the cult film by Ridley Scott was waiting for, perhaps, everything. Without exaggeration, the original picture of 1982 asked the unthinkable format quality genre of science fiction. Denis Villeneuve and his team had a hard work on creation of a sequel, which will not TopNet in the copy itself, while preserving the spirit of the original. Did the Director to surprise even the most demanding fan? Let’s answer this question.

“Blade runner 2049” — an incredibly beautiful painting. From the first frame catches the eye is a fantastic visual style, along with stunning camera work. Color scheme and light look extremely futuristic, but not lose the realism. Some scenes are breathtaking, while others emphasize the atmosphere of gloom is a real aesthetic orgasm. If such beauty presents regular 3D, it is hard to imagine that happening in IMAX or on Blu-ray. It remains to wait for the movie release in digital and physical media.

The atmosphere of the original is fully preserved and masterfully multiplied. The feeling that other carrier solutions borrowed directly from the original paintings. Polowanie mood is conveyed through the game on the contrast between the higher layers (the Replicants and their Creator) and inferior (ordinary people). We are immersed in high-tech locations office Neander Wallace, then barely alive on the streets of Los Angeles where the poor struggle for their existence. A special atmosphere provides a demonstration of the various high-tech devices that seamlessly fit into the overall picture of the film (all the scenes with the “hologram” just take down the head).

As before, to understand who of the characters of the man and who is a Replicant is not so easy. Yes, in the universe of the film racial differences are a key issue. But the new version of Replicants in appearance and characteristically no different from humans. This fact several times in the film, even notices the main character, saying that the work “running” has become much more difficult.

Acting also did not disappoint. Ryan Gosling plays its role as it should be: cold, calculating, but alive. I want to mention a great game Ana de Armas. The actress plays the role of Joey hologram, but it is, perhaps, the most realistic hologram that you can imagine. Harrison Ford appears in the second half of the film. The feeling that scenes with him are few, but each of them has a very serious weight in the entire plot. But who really lacks is the character of Jared Leto. Time time it paid very little, that the hero was not disclosed, although the potential was huge.

To tell something about the plot not propelleris very hard. Again in the Chapter is the conflict between conventional living and non-living beings. The story develops very steadily, mainly due to the duration of the picture. Almost three hours is a serious time — keeping for modern cinema, but after watching in mind there is the thought that a particular scene could be cut or reduced. Of course, nobody canceled the plot twist, which suits a light shake closer to the final picture.

Of course the movie has flaws, the main of which — questions. The picture raises a lot of problems in the plot, but does not give a clear answer at the end. Fails with “blade Runner 2049”, hinting at a possible sequel. Of course, Denis Villeneuve this style, it makes a “simple” movie, but the presence of moments that are not dual treated, but simply unsaid — depressing.

Responding to the question: “Yes, the sequel to “blade Runner” managed”. Objectively, the movie is not for everyone. Here is a very leisurely narrative, only a few action scenes and huge duration. But on the other hand, you are unlikely to see this year a picture that will look and feel so authentic. To close plot holes, begging for a sequel, so will be hoping that Denis Villeneuve will again take the Director’s chair.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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