New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

Part 1. Feel.

Geometry, minimalism, muted colors, monumentality, intoxicating the listener with the first frame away in a different world. The world, which selects the freedom. The world, built entirely on the rules and officials. World, building socialism on a poison powder. Amazing, do not let go of the tension, mixed with juicy naked sexy pictures, hot out of cruelty on the face. Well, go over the blade? Such feelings will take the mind from the first seconds of the picture and not let go until the very end. The dialogues, the meaning is secondary. The primary is a pleasure sublime aesthetics of the creations.

Part 2. Watch.

You’re not human. You’re a second-class creature. Without a soul. Yes, that’s the main character, whose eyes is story. The main question worthy of it? What makes you worthy? What is it like in your family? What is it like in your house? What does it look like your past? Your love? If you deserve something more? You’ll be looking for answers. You’re on a psychological roller coaster. And in the end you find that you’re a true Thriller, at the same as when we wrote the classics. Every plot twist, with each found piece of evidence, it only gets more complicated and confusing. At some point you’re exhausted and climb into his pocket for his phone to look at the clock and exclaim to himself: Well, enough of this torment! And then you will be rewarded with a desirable outcome.

Part 3. Understand.

All are classic formula — it is a war between good and evil, may the best win. There are a select few. There is a touching and sad love the main character. There are irresponsible and cruel boss, creating an army of evil. Fights in kung fu style, offices, whores in mini skirts with colored hair, shootings, explosions, flying in all directions people. In General, all the typical stereotypes from the 80s that we have become accustomed to chuckle, as would have the tag “Hello from 1982, print after 35 years.” Which, by the way, coupled with modern surveys and charts including 3D, looks does not matter and even fresh.

Of actors willing to say only Ana de Armas and Harrison Ford, who too stood out from the others level characters. Ana de Armas — she is warm, with big open eyes, does not conform to this world, and this is not surprising, because it is an illusion. Harrison Ford is alive too and deep, but I suspect that he just may not be to others. In General you can leave these arguments on the fact that it is not an actor’s movie. Laid-back, deliberately exaggerated emotions at the mercy of the characters from the office thrillers of the 80s. Often the layers of makeup and dark shadows, not even showing their faces and don’t move a muscle.

I put the film a 10 not because it’s perfect. The ideal is not there, but for me this is definitely in the category of masterpieces. The film, which will be leveled.

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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