New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

Our entire civilization is built on slavery — it is through this idea succeeded Wallace Corporation supplying Replicants to the heavy and unpleasant work. It is believed that they have no soul, exactly like a century ago it was believed that the soul is not black African slaves, and therefore all the bounds of ethics. In fact, it turned out that the Replicants were more tolerant than some people, and in addition were able to reproduce offspring. For Wallace it was a gold mine, for he could not meet the demand for labour. Plus the realization that he created a life — put it on a par with God: it wasn’t just Angels, as he called Replicants, and independent civilization.

Replicants themselves for the possibility of self-reproduction meant an exit from under the oppression of the people and the beginning of independence. In this part of the story of the war between humans and Replicants no, but the natural course of events dictates that this can not be avoided.

It is worth mentioning the visual range of the picture. From the first minute is immersion in the film. Special attention is paid to dialogues: slow and deep, sometimes languid. They dilute the scene of the fighting, often also very effective either due to the flexibility of the actors, either through the interior or through special effects and music. Sex scenes, if you can call them that, require a separate description: no vulgarity, everything is very gently nice and absolutely not trivial.

Honestly, not to say that the film has a distinct moral or lesson: whether to prevent the creation of Replicants, it is important to appreciate life, etc. — we do not know. As said a friend: “I do not seek to understand art, not looking in this sense. I just like it or not.” So here, you just like it or not.

If you compare this film with the food, it is not fast food — the movie must savor! Film for aesthetes and gourmets. If you like to “snack on the go” comedies or the insurgents, you will not like. If you appreciate Mediterranean cuisine — take the money on IMAX, get aesthetic pleasure.

The beauty of the film 10 out of 10

The plot and theme 7 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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