New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

I went to the cinema to “blade Runner 2049” with some trepidation. Cyberpunk respect, dystopian love, from the original Bladerunner delighted. Was afraid that will not detract from the film original. Very grateful Villeneuve for “the Arrival”, which impressed, and it would be sad if he couldn’t get a decent continuation of the franchise.

The film is long, slow, beautiful, replete with references to the first part. As a fantastic film — it took place. There are notes of arnosti. Plot twists are forced to constantly focus on the plot, in which there is even a philosophy, but that’s what? I wanted to convey to us Villeneuve?

The original tape, filmed on the novel by Philip K. dick — “do androids Dream elektroauto?”, soaked in the thought of whether man-made creature to be a spiritual organism, have its own consciousness, to be more humane pokerstove in a futuristic world of humans. In the new film, the Director seemed confused in what he wants to convey to the viewer, creating a good fantasy film without any particular overtones. It reminded me of “Ghost in the shell”, yeah, nice, but no more, meaning you need to itprovides to the source.

And everything seems to be on the level, and the cast, and the picture and the music, well, that narrative slowly, BUT that other film “blade Runner” with its trifles and details. This is a reference to the original film, nothing more. Good reference. Not clear to me why it was done, do just a little money to the guys. I want to believe in something unwarranted was the tape that something is not understood.

7 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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