New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

Honestly, after watching I don’t fully understand what kind of impression this film. On the one hand, I understand that this is one of the most outstanding films of the past few years. Since the decision to make this film, cold, dark and remote to many modern viewers still need to be addressed. The additional task was still not disappoint fans of the original film, which most likely would not forgive, if the creators did the usual blockbuster. But, on the other hand, I may not be up to the end of this movie realized. The film is undoubtedly good, but with a dark gloom, coldness Villeneuve a little overdone. No, the movie is a perfect style, I would on never forgive the creators if I did a standard blockbuster, what the first part was never. But, subjectively, I sucked with timing, which could be slightly reduced.

The plot and intrigue then lie straight on the surface. Important in the sequel to “blade Runner” is executed. The film keeps in suspense all the timing and awesome sound effects and music even more contribute to this. This is perhaps the darkest film I’ve seen this year. Cold and dark blue frames are mixed with red and orange, which creates a very distinctive visual style. Which can suit the tastes not everyone who decides to watch a movie. But, however, otherwise could not be. “Blade runner 2049” trying to meet the spirit of the original film. Make the movie as it was quite difficult, but Villeneuve and all involved have a picture of the midrange that, in General, managed. But, as I wrote, sometimes the film is too aloof. The characters, except for a couple scenes towards the end, cause almost any emotions. Except that the character Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard.

The actors are good. Field, at least, to fully demonstrate their acting skills, the actors as this was not. Ryan Gosling, however, played very, very well their role. The same can be said about Ford. He’s 75 and he’s still very cool. Very little screen time was, about apparently the main antagonist in the performance of Jared Leto. This character really got me interested, but reveal it, oddly enough, didn’t have time. Other actors don’t so much. The film focuses mainly on the character of Gosling, and then Deckard.

About the music I wrote, she makes a wonderful addition to the atmosphere of the picture. Visually the film looks great. Futuristic Los Angeles still as dark and cold as in the film 1982.

Overall, I liked the movie. The style, atmosphere, acting and music is, of course, the pros of the picture. But the downside I can be attributed to the lack of emotion as such, and some tight timing. I love long movies, but in this case it was possible to slightly reduce. However, the Director made as considered necessary. Such films do not go often, so to see the “blade Runner 2049”, I think. Not everyone will advise you to go to the cinema, because so much time will sustain not everyone. But without reference to the original sequel better not to look. Only after viewing the original film, it is possible to fully enjoy the second part.

7 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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