New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

When I saw “blade Runner 2049”, I was impressed. This movie is filmed very nicely, and the plot is very interesting. But this movie is not very easy to understand because it has its own special meaning. Interestingly the Director changed the atmosphere, and each looked original and beautiful. For me the meaning of “blade Runner 2049” is that the protagonist is looking for himself, but he does not change, only wants to know who he is.

Starts the whole story about finding yourself with the fact that officer Kay arrives in California, where he had to arrest the old model Replicant. When arrested, the man tells him that the new models just don’t believe in miracles. Key before to leave I noticed that near the tree lies a small blue flower. Knowing that deep in the earth buried the box with some skeleton, the officer takes it and later finds out there is something that can completely change the world and ideas about the Replicants. Officer K later learns that he might be part of the case and begins to look for himself.

The atmosphere is very much changed. At first she was very calm and white, then became more grim, which means that, start the main adventure of the hero. Then she became more and more deserted, and orange when she had to get closer to the answer to his question. Later, the atmosphere changed again and became more grim and tense. And during the very last scene, the atmosphere is very calm and kind.

The actors are great in their roles. Ryan Gosling played well officer Kay. Ana De Armas coped with the role of the girl protagonist. Harrison Ford, who played Rick Deckard coped well with the role of a man who went from all the others, but who is ready to return. Jared Leto also coped well with the dark role of a blind Creator. Still well played by Robin Wright, who played the role of a strict boss of the main character.

The special effects are done perfectly. The sound is also good, especially in the scene where Kay is fighting to save the life of Rick Deckard. The modern city and the joy is also well done, and the fight scene of officer Kay and Deckard good shot.

In the end, the “blade Runner 2049” very nice shot and has its own meaning. The actors play well, the atmosphere is good, and the special effects and the sound is also well done. “Blade runner 2049” very interesting, but that’s not an easy movie, it is very well filmed and a good story about finding yourself impressed me.

9 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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