New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

I went to the movies with caution. Some are not my subjects, pronounced a fantastic component, already widely option in 1982… All this is not encouraging and I didn’t expect anything. With me were daughter (16 years old) and my dad is 58 (and this is not his topic), I’m more worried about them and their experiences. Daughter delighted, father liked (only time). I, surprisingly, also fell in love.

Very Vishnevsky the film (after watching the Captives and the Arrival I really felt). This movie is not for mass audience. A lot of philosophy, a lot of references to the Bible, many allusions, clues, important details. Very atmospheric movie, very! Again, smoky gray and rainy, suddenly deserted dilute orange colors. Stuffy, scary, unpleasant. Terrible world of the future. Draughty everywhere loneliness, hopelessness, fear and pain. Locations — adds the visual perception. And tense music, it’s depressing waiting. Close-UPS, sprawling narrative, stop, and suddenly something cut through all this a little liquid, monochrome picture… something like the feelings it was in upon Arrival. The time of nailed after viewing. And thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, feelings… Stupid this movie at all desire no name! About this movie I am definitely going to remember and think a lot. And, perhaps, even reconsider.

What can I say? The actors are beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of Ryan, but in which the paintings of his game I was just happy. By the way, here, too, albeit slightly, but it echoes the music. The rest is also right on his place. Although Ford typical Ford.

I didn’t cry, but some moments made something inside tighten. And despite the timing — I wasn’t bored. Any minute. I was all there, in what was happening. And I think — and the it civilization? Use any progress? All of these gadgets, technology.. All this leads to the devitalization of our world. “I’ve never seen trees. Beautiful. It’s dead…” the World is compressed to perform the functions of, to survival, to the replacement of the present is illusory. Endless chronic loneliness. And fears, fears, fears.. the Concept of happiness, love, joy firmly left the world of the future.. But the desire of it left.. And watching a movie is sad and painful. And one hopes that it will remain only in movies, books and our fears. And humanity still… will not allow this.

Whether to go to the movies? I do not know. For everybody. No special action, a bit of active encyclopedias, specific visual. And it is necessary to include brains. So… think for yourself, decide for yourself. I’m going to the cinema not regret a single gram.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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