New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

Blade runner was released in 1982, it is important to understand when you watch it. Any good painting always reflects the time in which it was filmed, experiences and views on the future of the era. And Blade Runner Ridley Livestock was one of those remarkable works which could afford to preserve all this knowledge and all this experience, like not telling a specific linear story that teaches something there, but forming a certain cultural code, “Here. It is we, whether you like it or not.” Most of the films behaves quite primitive, almost by the hand through a story, give answers and finally morality, and very often they are still good. They are entertaining to watch and sometimes they allow you to see a problem through the eyes of strangers, it is useful. But there are less straightforward, however, and more valuable paintings, they absorb all the millennia of human knowledge and his experience in the knowledge of themselves and the world from which to watch them become both harder and more interesting, instead of “instructions for use” they are likely to play the role of “the excursion”. After all, in order to understand them, you will not simply to watch, you need to know what is Yes. The brightest representative of such a movie — 2001: a Space Odyssey, which in the title declares its complexity and diversity, referring to Homer. As the years to review such tapes is a pleasure, every time you notice something which could not detect a year earlier.

In 1969м year people sang dream — stood on the surface of another celestial body. Unfortunately or fortunately, other forms of life similar to his, he was not found, and I don’t think I wasn’t counting on it. Can safely assume that the person waving his hand with a dashing adventurism, just human nature, exclaimed: “to hell with these aliens! I’ve got stuff to do!” And in 1971 began to form the fifth technological structure — the era of computers and telecommunications (the technological revolution). Since 1973 began to produce the first branded home PCs. People increasingly began to think about my work, about the fate of their own creations. And, obviously, “blade Runner” as his inspirer — not ignorant of the affair, was forced to appear in these conditions. In a world where the AI is only beginning to take shape, people are already starting to imagine the day when he will like the man more than the man himself. And actually about the movie itself. And needless to say that was it damn good?

After 35 years on the scene comes the sequel which is not only truly understands and honors the original, but also knows today. I was very afraid to see another “Ghost in the shell” from Hollywood, when, instead of rethinking, revisions and development happens nobody wants a retelling, and the stripped-down, neutered. However, fortunately, 2049й knew what he was doing. You see, while the first part talks around the question the definition of humanity match the era, the sequel keeps up with the times and demonstrates some true technological progress moves exponentially, we’re not in 1982м, today we understand that once we reach the technological singularity, we inevitably approach. Hardly we have a choice and it is unlikely we need it, the point is simple — at a certain point in time technology will develop at a speed exceeding the speed of our awareness of this development. All thousands years planned movement will be the equivalent to the snap of a finger. And then our poor mind will be just as effective and appropriate how much Elon musk was useful intelligence females of Drosophila. But what is in my opinion the most important: today, we with special caution look at the future through the prism of the present, we cannot imagine a truly thinking machine self-aware and therefore try to control her, to keep within the strict limits. However, it seems to me that this stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of consciousness, we build into the AI all that understand themselves so that he thought and acted the same way as we do, and consciousness lay can’t because they don’t know anything about him. As a result, we are not even able to make an assumption that one day it can occur by itself, because, who knows, maybe the same thing happened with us. People now like a strict father, very afraid to give vent to the child, forgetting the fact that its very existence will help us to know ourselves. Perhaps only giving the chance to all go on as usual, people will be able through a victim to find answers to their questions. Because, clearly, in the future world man will have to cease to exist in the usual form, and merge into the flow of impulses and information into something more solid, closer to eternity.

“The cosmos is within us, we are made of matter, we is the way in which Cosmos knows itself” — says Carl Sagan. Once, looking at the stars, I considered myself as a tiny speck, totally insignificant and meaningless grain of sand a short time, now on the contrary, realizing the essence of his cosmic nature, I feel great.

I think “blade Runner 2049” became an heir of the spirit and thoughts of the original, it is deep and symbolic, topical and reliable. Gently and naturally through strong images and the story moving inevitably it reflects the changes and don’t know about you, but to me, these changes are no longer afraid. Thank you for your attention, and the creators of “blade Runner 2049” thank you for this great movie.

New review: blade Runner 2049 09.10.2017

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