New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

Unlike the trailer, which crazy dynamics stirs interest, the film was stringy like a rubber band. It is a measured movie with long duration. The film is a lot of emptiness, of waiting, of fragments that do not carry meaning. Because of this sense of brilliance is slipping away like water through his fingers.

It seems to me that flawed story. At one point I had a feeling that will start a revolution: an underground, shadow a leader, a symbol around which everyone should unite. This idea was extinguished like a match. And the main antagonist so average, or rather mediocre, predictable. The viewer immediately realizes that she can’t handle K. so the final battle… thought it would be a little more epic.

A scene with a prostitute — there is copy-paste from the movie “her”, where the way the main character also fell in love with the computer and have sex with him through an intermediary.

Even before the international premiere critics called “blade Runner 2049” masterpiece. And no one even questioned such a high rating. First, it is a cult story. Second, third and four — stage Director Denis Villeneuve, producer Ridley Scott, cinematographer Roger Dikins. For each of the names is not a masterpiece. The cast is the envy of any casting Manager. The impression turned out blurry.

Denis Villeneuve continues a tradition of “blade Runner” in 1982. This neonoir is cyberpunk, which has not yet seen. That is the visual side of the film is the most luscious and strong. Movie and posters divided into two colour zones: warm orange and cool gray-blue. As for the graphics of the film, think about it once will shoot a separate film. The operator found geometry and simmetriya framing. And the special effects will be a couple of years.

In the new film looking for an answer to the self-determination of the boundaries between human and “angel”, well the topic was not disclosed, in my opinion. Rational Replicants acted as emotional people.

It is worth noting that Running something crossed with “Ghost in the shell”. This movie is one genre, is the continuation of or reimagining of the iconic works. Both main characters are police looking for yourself, the answers to the questions in his past. Both do not meet expectations and remain in the shadows of the original works.

6 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

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