New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

Before I begin, I want to say one thing. If you haven’t seen the original film, first look at it. Not the theater-namely Director’s cut version. Let’s begin.

Denis Villeneuve is a great, it did it again. I’ve seen almost all the films of Dennis, and noticed that this man just cannot make a bad movie. He makes films that make you think and debate, and at the same time, wrap it in stunning picture, not forgetting the great stories and great acting. He is one of the best Directors working in the industry today.

I really like his movies, and I think he’s a brilliant Director, but I felt that the time will come and he’ll shoot the film, which will finally raise it up. And apparently that time has come. This film, perhaps a future classic in the genre of science fiction. Perhaps this film even surpasses the original, so the visual component, at least, for sure.

Insane utopian future Scott, so beautifully crafted, even prettier in 2049 Villeneuve, for which much attention should be paid to the brilliant operator — Roger Dikins, who made one of his best works. Every frame is brilliant and I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t be nominated for an Oscar for this phenomenal work. But it’s also worth noting the whole team for working with the special effects, because Dikins did it all yourself.

Also worth noting is the music and sound. Denis Villeneuve, who repeatedly and successfully collaborated with the composer Johann Johansson, decided to replace it for the sake of “blocks musical accompaniment” by Hans Zimmer. And since we are already accustomed to the German composer, not difficult to understand that all music is a kind of sublime and a great homage to the original. Camerowska music in the film keeps us on the edges of our seats, especially in the last hour.

What about “cast”? Well what can I say? All the actors are written perfectly. For example, the real Harrison Ford “Traveling in retirement”, which shook my life, and accompanying Ryan Gosling who plays her focused and not especially emotional and talkative character. This applies to all other actors.

Everything in this movie just feels right and well organized. A slow growth pattern and the timing almost 3 hours will make it boring to many who come to the cinema, but this film is like a painting, every brush stroke has meaning, and every little detail is carefully processed, it requires monumental skills to understand this film.

After this film, Villeneuve will get even more credibility, as it should be. Unlike most Hollywood blockbusters these days, it not just presents us a spectacle with good effects or reboot of the original, but picks up themes that were revealed by Ridley Scott that was a monumental task for the original “blade Runner”. 2049 continues with the same themes raised by the original, making 35-year wait for the sequel fully justified, he goes on with what was proposed in the first part, complementing it. It is possible that one day may be made a third film, but only if any Director will ever find the courage to make another quality of “blade Runner” because the bar is set incredibly high. I believe that over time, “blade Runner 2049” will be as iconic as the original, and it will be rightfully fair.

8.5 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

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