New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

“We don’t know anything about life, but so afraid to lose her”

Sci-Fi Thriller by Ridley Scott, cool adopted at the time by critics and viewers were able to push to the development of the whole sub-genre of science fiction that gave rise to a large number of blind imitators, and worthy representatives of alluring cyberpunk. Suffered a story about “running” that has gone through numerous manipulations and installation of updates to a certain time and were one of a kind unique and immortal example of kinofantastiki based on the novel of Philip Kindred dick, until after more than three decades, the question of the continuation has not moved from a dead point. A possible sequel that never came to light after a couple of years after the release of the original film, seemed to have disappeared forever, but a long-standing scenario developments HAMPTON of Panera, along with the ideas of uncle Ridley, seeing a potentially successful canadian Director Denis Villeneuve, initially gravitating to science fiction, has labored for the establishment of a joint ambitious project. Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to revive the emblematic films of the last century, but remembering, for example, a very successful continuation of the “Throne” from Kosinski, coupled with respect to the elected Director of the sequel about the Replicants, but the tape obviously caused a fearful and awe. The flames podbavit short favorite activity Luke Scott “Nexus Dawn”, “Nowhere to Run” and “Black Out” that precedes the main events of the tape, occurring thirty years later in a painfully fading world of the future.

The film is Denis Villeneuve’s called parasitism on the original language does not turn, as the “blade Runner 2049” has a tape, wholly owned by its Director, even despite the concessions of the Studio and the producers desired to independently engage in the final installation. A direct continuation of the history of the world, chose the artificial instead of the present, failing all attempts to conserve natural ecosystems is perceived as a full-fledged band, based on the events of the past, but remaining incredibly self-sufficient and original. Direction Villeneuve instantly recognizable, especially to those who watched and loves his previous tapes, using a protracted panorama, silent episodes and even appeared to place minimalism, so beneficial to become familiar in a familiar cyberpunk world filled night of lights, pipes and all kinds of wires of power grids, giving something cosmically unfriendly under the eternal rain. The film is absolutely not hurrying to tell his story for two and a half hours able to fully immerse in its slow pace and enter in a meditative experiential trance, traveling from the familiar crowded and multi-ethnic Los Angeles with his unattainable heights to the periphery, where the endless landfill of metal structures resonate with his dumb face clouded and lifeless Vegas, unusually bright in contrast with the rest of the episodes of the ribbon.

Incredibly beautiful visuals of the film made the work of Roger Dikins, artists and illuminators, without exaggeration, forced to admit the tape as one of the most stunning in the last few years, in which febrile weather out on the town wet snow with the rain, vainly knocking the glass flying spinners and is completely invisible in the walls of the police Department, pompous “temple” of the new techno-magnate Wallace, reaping the aftermath of the deceased Tyrell or small apartment of the main character Kay from the Department of “running”. The hallmark of the film are not only the scenery, dictated by the characters, but the characters themselves, to which attention is paid to the practically equivalent, given the different time on the screen. A nice measured pace and almost monumental calm of”blade Runner 2049″punctuated by bursts of realistic and tough action, in your scenario, is hiding not one storyline ending absolutely not as expected. The film Villeneuve forces us to focus where do the characters and several times changing the tone of the narrative, causing the inside of the human emotions, hidden in this floor artificial futuristic world. Following the investigation, Kay, stumbled on an absolutely extraordinary fact, which tries to hush up the head of the Department Lieutenant Yoshi, the tape takes a new volume, extending the questions in this alternative future, based on past events, leading directly to lost for many years detective Deckard, the inevitable meeting which will give answers to Kay’s questions.

Nice pleasing several references to the original and using them in the promotion’s history, Villeneuve successfully creates a natural analogy, mental replication of the main characters, whether it be a full human being or an artificially created Replicant, affecting the value of memories, implanted or not, is able to evoke real feelings, sense of exclusivity and the desire for real life in which the characters will love, forgetting about loneliness. The film builds its own history of actors whose fate is decided only after knowing who they are, though “blade Runner 2049” famously complete with audience expectations, and it seemed, long been discussed the ideas of the followers of the early eighties film here seem to be second-rate, but how that picture represents them, makes any skepticism disappear without a trace. Absorbing the defects and conventions of its predecessor, but enhancing the impression of technological elements, significantly expanding the world according to the motives of dick Scott, the sequel retains the core ideological meanings, which is the place and experience in artificial intelligence, divine manners and a false God. Being nothing less than a deep philosophical statement, as the same is not based topics of the living and the artificial, the picture of certain moments of holding back the emotions of the characters, leaving the viewer in a temporary confusion, and even forcing to regret the death of antagonists to try on the human masks.

Extracting from a printed source familiar elements in the form of references to animals or similar to the modulator of mood in the face of joy, living with the main character, the tape is definitely pleasing to cast, where, in contrast to inspired by the progress of its predecessor, Jared Leto with undisguised inspiration of playing God, creating a more obedient androids, unattainable perfection which only disappoints him but impressively played his ambiguous role of Sylvia hooks. Old friend Robin Wright, aged Dave Batista, and even Thomas Lamarcus and Mackenzie Davis of easy virtue, perfectly complement the changing attitude to the world on behalf of Ryan Gosling and his attractive girlfriend Ana de Armas, who created on the screen one of the most unusual couples of the future. The role of Harrison Ford in the tape adds a bit of peace and some relaxation on the way to uncovering truths and remains fundamental for a hectic finale in which the electronic bursts of Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Walvis Bay on a little strong, but otherwise sounded incredibly powerful and beautiful, turning some scenes into the source audiovisual delight, successfully complementing the mood of the scenes among the urban noise and sounds of flying machines, left the place barely perceptible hum of the kitchen lights from the apartment Deckard. “Blade Runner 2049” like a personal gift from the cinematic author’s view by Denis Villeneuve and the team for such a technically modern, nice long and satisfying sequel to the world of the present century.

10 out of 10

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New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

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