New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

To say after four days of hire that “blade Runner 2049” will go down in the history of cinema, of course, a bit drastic and rash, but the chances of that have paintings by canadian Denis Villeneuve are.

To tell what “blade Runner” in 1982 completely pointless. It should be clear that the task of making a worthy sequel to such a film is practically impossible. Make westerhouse visuals, write three-dimensional and live music to delve into the old themes of cyberpunk-dystopia and humanity.

From the very first clip it was clear to me that the film crew, and advertisers know their business and understand what is required of them. Announcment teaser has set a wonderful mood — the slow, graceful movements, heartfelt contemplation under ambient. The impression that the upcoming film will be. The other two trailers that I watched before watching though was the album, but the spirit of the teaser remained. Surprisingly, they were not spoilers, and even, as it turned out, surprises for the audience left a lot.

Well, advertisers are well done, not many people can say (trailers of any superheroine, for example, after they get all the movies to watch pointless. Or is it in the movies, hmmm…) — but the crew manages to work 150-185 million dollars? Worked at 300 million. Tape meets, it would seem, a trifle, but pleasant. Logos is responsible for production and distribution, “2049” cool styled and appear under the one promised in the teaser monumental and voluminous ambient, which strapped you in a chair and plunges into the space of the picture. Classic text annotation gives a brief explanation (with a hint) of what is happening in the world of post-apocalyptic 2049.

And then it will be a stunning visual feast. Well, not in the next scene, and for 2 hours 30 minutes — until the very last frame. To say that the look of the film is “amazing” you mean to say maximum dry, trite and unimpressive. Each frame is so brilliant and incredible, and together the movie turns out a striking painting of a brilliant artist. I have the feeling that Roger Dikins sought to make each frame unique. The play of shadows and light is incredible in every scene — shadows and highlights the duality of the characters, and majestic spaciousness of the interiors or is it just a water game. The lighting is also different — the cold tone of the police station and the suburbs of LA, warm light house. Expressive and brilliant colors — gray dump and lifeless cities of the old world, advertising holograms, neon colors of the city, devastated by the radioactive gamma and Vegas — each location, each interior — everything looks incredible, diverse and beautiful.

And this despite the fact that Villeneuve and Dikins not in a hurry — the film is contemplative and meditative. Each scene and give a relish to consider the environment carefully as possible. Villeneuve left “Running” in the same meditative that 30 years ago, but the contemplation was a kind of new — contemplative now each scene. At the same time, the world is not only beautiful visually. but also important for the feeling of reality. The building seems to be as high, but make it clear and evident that people have become much smaller — the gift that the Earth has been depleted and ruined. In General, a sense of depletion, a sense of hopelessness — permeated the entire film. Villeneuve masterfully conveys feelings of isolation, loss of identity and loneliness (of course due to the plot).

Music by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfish has remained true to Vangelis compositions in terms of melody, but became more functional. Music together with sound on its own fills the space of the film, playing into the atmosphere, and in the right scenes (the interrogation, for example) becomes a wildly oppressive and nervous. Don’t know what happened to Johann Johannsson, but the current Duo wrote a heartfelt and really live sound, aesthetics worthy of the original and more useful for the perception of specific scenes.

To view optional to watch the first “Running” and short films-the prequels — the film tells a self-contained story. Villeneuve and screenwriter HAMPTON Panera and Michael green took old themes — humanity, empathy, loneliness, finding yourself and puts them to other accents. The first movie was about humanity from the point of view of thinking — the second sees the person first and foremost, as a living(!) being. I won’t go into details, but the question is the understanding of life and humanity is somewhat reminiscent of the original “Ghost in the shell”. New the hero of this story officer Kay trying to understand these issues, bringing to the audience the melancholy and tragic history. At the same time, added Vishnevskaya family. The plot never became easier, he gives space to reflections on what he saw — people? So it is important whether Replicant or human? Whether the person is defined only by its origin? Ideologically, in my opinion, the picture does not lose the original and expands it. While there is a noticeable improvement — the plot of the film became more refined, well thought-out and sane. There is an adequate detective and not a set of wonderful and wacky coincidences of the first film. The script had a clear structure — the act follows the act. No Jokers on the minimum salary and weight of the chokes. And this despite the fact that the picture leaves a lot of surprises for the viewer.

Surprisingly, many complain that Gosling expressionless. After these words it becomes clear that the film was watched carefully — the Key is the transformation in the course of the film, changing psychologically and original “inexpressiveness” is a trait of the character, deepening his character. And she, of course, important for understanding the plot.

Yes, after four days and two hits you can’t really appreciate the significance of “blade Runner 2049”. But for myself I decided — this is a great independent movie that is amazing is not so much a sequel, how many great movie — motorhouse and visual, and music. It is a deep and intelligent movie, confident in their abilities and leaving untold the impression of a cinematic triumph of numbers in the production reports.

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

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