New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

Definitely don’t regret going to see this movie, except that overpaid for 3D, which turned out to be like a cat laugh. At the same time, no joy, I also have not experienced. All 2.5+ hours have passed easily, however, completely understand those who say that sleeping on the preview picture really has a pronounced soothing effect. And it’s more “minus” than “plus”. I’m used to it, look long and stringy, but the ship turned out to be extremely memorialny and smooth almost throughout the narrative, but the ending made more or less “alive”. I remember the first film and brilliant acting Rutger Hauer, it was pretty cool, yeah! The sequel is nowhere near worth it. The actors picked up a great and they played well, but it’s not quite what was needed. First of all, it concerns the Ryan Gosling — Yes, he is a very versatile actor, a Noir, but the passion is not quite it, not in the sense of drama. Probably every great film is remarkable for its special atmosphere, which can be characterized by at least one sense in one word. Unfortunately, this film won’t say, there’s no emotion in the gap, is hysteria, there is no tangible philosophical attitude (a couple of sentences from the Summer does not count), and the drive and action not even more so. No plaque mystique, feeling something deep, wow-effect, as they say in such cases “mind-expanding”, if you looked behind the screen and he saw the magic of life and the essence of the universe. In fact, the same claim I demanded his last work “the Arrival”, which was even more emotional and meaningful, however, was less consistent.

As a direct continuation of emotionality picture, is a weak script. Perhaps, maybe even worst of all the works of Villeneuve. Particularly surprising that it was the work of very serious people, including the author of the script of the original film. In General, it is very easy, simple, hardly more than “Valerian and city of a thousand planets.” In my opinion, there is a direct correlation: it would be more powerful scenario would be more powerful and dramatic paintings.

What-what, but in terms of visuals, camera work, sound film is just gorgeous, everything is spotless. Indeed, when Villeneuve said, as he carefully to every detail — he wasn’t lying. Together with “Valerian” the main contender for the Oscar graphic arts and camera work, and the soundtrack can already be called the best.

Technically the picture Vilnele looks just perfect, but the soul in it, she leaves a bright trace in your memory. Again Danny something in the end is not enough. The film was released quality, so you will not regret it high marks, though, objectively this is another advance for the second, after “Arrival”.

9 out of 10

PS I Think that the story is not told — the feeling I have caused the final, you can shoot at least one movie.

New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

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