New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

Danny Villeneuve confirms its proven Arrival, the ability to shoot high-quality fantastic movie.

Style. The main thing in the new Blade Runner as possible in the old – style it is. Incredible, broad, viscous, zapolnaya consciousness frames are beautifully drawn variations world of the future (continuing the story of the first Blade and not the current present). Here’s the truth: haven’t seen such beauty in any film released this year, you will not find such magnificent plans and production personnel as Danny. Colors perfectly builds the mood and music add to the immersion in the world. The slow pace of narration and shooting makes the film boring, but on the contrary allows us to dive into it.

History. Before watching the movie highly recommend to read the first part, and as with the three previous short films (the book is not included in the mandatory recommendation, but also will not regret it), otherwise you risk the whole movie to deal with the doubt in your understanding of what is happening, and then do not half understand. Prepared the viewer will open very sincere, the history of the relationship between man and Android, and once again the strong formulation of the question: “do androids Dream of electronic sheep?” (the name of the original novel by Phillip dick), “Can the Android to be more human than a man?”. The film explores these questions very “stylish”, chamber and deep, not giving any direct answers, but giving a solid ground for reflection. After watching the film stay warm impressions and topics to think about before going to sleep. The plot has some very interesting twists and turns, and some questions, like after the first part, and remains unsolved: dogomania the viewer.

Ryan Gosling. Ryan plays his character is not the first time, earlier it can be seen in “Only God forgives” Renera. That is honestly the character I thought the same. At least phrases, a minimum of facial expressions, low movements and languid look into the camera (and the same broken face). Subjective: the second time the role of Gosling managed a lot better and to watch him “standing” and the rare in slow motion in front of the camera is very nice. Much the same can be said about all the other members of the cast and about Harrison Ford in particular, which I find a return to the role of Descartes to the best of his last comebacks (“Star wars,” “Indiana Jones”, etc. in its older version look a lot weaker).

World. An unexpectedly large extension of the universe with new types Android, insight into their heads and desires, police work, locations outside of the city, and many others.

I poured water however, but the sequel came out great. For me, better than the original.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

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