New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

ORGASM — this is the word that first comes to mind when trying to describe what he saw. But in order not to infuriate the audience here a puritanical audience, the provocative word ORGASM, I’ll replace the equivalent phrase is the HIGHER PLEASURE. Thank you for understanding.

Back in 1966, already had time to make a name for himself, and now one of the most recognizable science fiction writers, Philip Kindred dick issues in the light of his most famous novel, with a non-trivial (and meaningless) name “do androids Dream of electrohouse”, known in the vernacular as “blade Runner razor”.

In a still distant, 1982 on the screens out the film adaptation of the novel for authorship, if not of sir, Ridley Scott. The plot of the film from the original, some differed, but this did not prevent him from becoming successful and even acquire cult status.

And on the court in 2017 (so much water with the release of the first part under the bridge), and on the big screen comes the sequel to “running”, which many critics dubbed it a masterpiece. It is the continuation of the story which is inextricably linked with the first part, so before going to the movie is highly recommended that you read the first part. And not just her: before leaving the second part out of three corecommerce also be playing the role of a bridge between the two films.

I see you tensed. Relax: in the end, it’s not a third season of twin peaks, where for understanding what is happening need to watch the previous two seasons, the feature film “Fire walk with me” and read many pages of a thematic forum. The writer here is more humane (that doesn’t mean worse), but to learn the material anyway.

I seem to have lost the thread… but no, here it is..

The story takes place in 2049, 28 years after the events of the first film. The story is about a new treadmill, it plays progressive Ryan Gosling, who through hard work and careful selection of projects, became the new DiCaprio (this is a compliment). Hero Gosling’s study one by one, what did Rick Deckard in the first film: the capture and neutralization of the older models Nexus (if you are reading these lines, I thought about the smartphone, not about the Replicants, I beg once more to read the above line). So he works himself, and accidentally finds IT, that formed the basis of the story, I would say a ball of yarn, untangling which the hero is slowly but surely moving toward the interchange.

The PLOT is good. Honestly. There is not a weak intrigue, there is a sickly plot twists (just the ancient classics, if you know what I mean). I would say more, then raises a serious ethical, moral, and social issues, as a good representative of the cyberpunk genre. THE HIGHEST PLEASURE.

SOUNDTRACK -> Hans Zimmer -> again brilliant, Bravo SIR. It really is so good that already the vocabulary is not enough to praise. Also on the list of composers Benjamin Wallfish (It) and Johann Johansson (the Killer). THE HIGHEST PLEASURE.


Ryan Gosling. Apparently quite a discreet way (all the same Replicant). However, the actor is trying to convey what it’s like to be a humanoid, and at some point at all man. It is this external restraint in not comic passions inside and very human actions gives the audience a very deep acting.

Jared Leto. His character likes to think a lot and relax, to philosophize and to keep everything under total control, considering its interesting people/events from several angles. It was his thoughtful, slightly bended position (if he were using his eyes, that gaze would fall on the legs or torso of the interlocutor, but he does not use them in the traditional sense of the word), was created in order to be the most focused, peaceful and in control of the slightest change in the environment, has a strong impression. Frankly, the world community has seriously pondered the question: is this guy BAD?!

Rick Descartes. Excuse Me, Harrison Ford! His character lives the life of hermit, yet in this very life, not JOE breaks (Gosling). It is already tired because of their age, but still fighting a man who is rich and muscles, and emotions, which perfectly demonstrates in all his scenes. Yeah, okay with them, with scenes, always nice to see a “veteran” of the movie on the screen.

Sylvia hooks, nonaim for me, played the representative of new models of Nexus, the right hand of Mr. Walesa. Her character is a fanatic believer in his Creator, executes any of its instructions, ready to die for him. As Stanislavsky used to say, BELIEVE it!

Anna de Armas, who played in “Guys with guns” in this film is the HOLOGRAM — the voice assistant and, concurrently, the lover of the protagonist — Joey (it turns out that Eric Cartman is not alone in their tastes). She is the complete opposite of JOE — the most “alive” and emotional here and fall is not far away. With her (sit down if standing), is one of the best !BED! scenes in the movie that I’ve seen (seen a lot), which is simply impossible to describe with words. That’s what I call art (somewhere in that time Mr. Grey and Ana green with envy).

Liked another actress, but because of possible spoilers, describe it will not — see for yourself. Robin Wright is also good, though I’ll never get to see her without the accompaniment of spacey). Generally, of the actors it is difficult to single out anyone and absolutely do not want to criticize anyone, everyone. As you might guess, acting is also the HIGHEST PLEASURE..

The camera work is beyond praise. Roger Dikins, having over their shoulders a huge experience, and 13 Oscar nominations, Carl! masterfully relishes the most important points and gives stunning pictures. Even if he wanted to remove bad muscle memory wouldn’t let him do it. I’ve just been in 2049. From the picture you cannot take your eyes, time seems to have stopped, leaves you (the audience) and the film, sorry, not a movie, and Los Angeles 2049. The plot moves very slowly, measured, envelops the viewer and is trying to tighten on the other side of the screen. And he does it. As a result, this elegant and addictive atmosphere, so the viewer here has received the HIGHEST PLEASURE.

Took this SPLENDOR Danny Villeneuve, with whose works I became acquainted while watching last year’s Arrival, which also left a mark in my memory. After this picture, Villeneuve, in my personal ranking, it becomes one step with (yeah, right) by Christopher Nolan. Both authors know how to shoot a dear, beautiful, touching, and most importantly smart movie. The last film, which left a similar impression was interstellar, and passed three years! In the end we got a picture perfect as technically and in content, a feast for the eyes and for the soul, raises the bar for quality genre on a very high level.

Will there be a third part? Probably depends on box office receipts. Whether it is necessary? The question is rhetorical.

New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

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