New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

2049. In Los Angeles the weather is still rubbish. But for thirty years had happened a lot. Instead of androids, the nexus 6 came 8th version with a long life, which began the human rebellion, and the Replicants in response zhahnul on the country the bomb, staging a global blackout. Checkmate, ateisti. On the ruins of the old world people built a new, more glossy, but from the idiotic ideas refused. To break the nose on the rake fell to stupor. With the filing of the engineer Neander Wallace (Jared Leto), perekopivka development company Tyrell appeared as an artificial source of diet for the population zasrat of America, and the new brood “leather puppets”, which now graze twice as tough. But with a strange indulgences. In particular, one of these Replicants, Kay “a room” (Ryan Gosling) serves as a Runner along the edge, destroying his own kind of violators of the old type. Why immediately in the beginning of the movie gets to slurp from the suspect concealing identity. But K can also give the face in response and having dealt with the problem, at the same time is under a dry tree, Pandora’s box, which detects the sensation, able to equalize the rights of cyborgs and humans. Known latent racists only this is not enough, so kyoya ask-job to clean up the traces. And the one harnessed with a bust. Because it is also a concern.

They had a budget of 200 million, the legacy of Philip K. dick, the biblical references, donkey-confidence and determination of suicide, a handful of popular actors, one of the leading operators in the world, no less noble composer, nominated for the Oscar in the Directors and godfather dad Ridley Scott in the producers. They don’t have is that sense. Film 1982 was self-sufficient and continue not require. Well, the canadian Denis Villeneuve decided to make iron proof of this price $ 200 million. Let’s hope he have time to run home before the start of the rental.

Technically the film looks decent, but even through the dark 3D glasses it is noticeable that the author sells the old stock for the new sauce. The same machine in the sky through the haze, plastic fashion, screens, dirt and high-tech interiors, and of the continuing tension of cohabitation with the Replicants. “The Replicants. And difficult without them in any way.”

And, it would seem, why. For thirty years, Los Angeles why not just survived, including the civil war and blackout. It would be logical if the EM pulses rolled back humanity to the stone age, as it should be according to the logic. But here, once all the damage stayed in the air and people found nothing better than to return to her former merits. Let them, but was it the androids in them? Again this is a problem with them. People are shaking over the fact that one wrong step could lead to an uprising of androids. And androids are just waiting, waiting for a sign. Is it convenient to sit on a powder keg? To delve into the plot more laziness somehow. Again, the authors unobtrusive score head mutotal about waiting favourites and the raising of the flag of the revolution. While issues accumulate by the end of the third hour more than answers.

Here take the main villain in the performance of Jared Leto. More precisely, so it is no more ridiculous than pretentious theologian, but all kind of screams, which is very bad. Blade runner Key in the performance of Gosling, digs that Android was able to have a baby. No matter what, but Jared wants his own, because his experiments for the removal of such life-giving Replicant have not been successful. But why would he want a child? He’s the producer of cyborgs and his business just keeps on the absence of their free navigation. But if he so desired, all of the technology at hand, one has only to rummage in the base of Tyrell that he is well-preserved. What’s the problem?

Hitch has the opposing factions. Combat androids are hiding in holes, waiting for a sign to revolt. Okay, people asked for it, but what they waiting for? Android nexus 6 no signs are not required, and it’s all rumpled. Not to mention the fact that they waited.

In General, while several camps are cooked in their contrived problems, the main character turns sad romance homemade hologram of joy, as Joaquin Phoenix, with Johansson in “Her,” and in the tradition of film Noir detective looking for answers to frightening questions. The answers to which, it seems, must make him an outcast without a country, as in “Bad party” and other similar works. Everywhere not your.

But this, for the most part empty, turn the three-hour art experience, with frequent separation of the hands and feeling like I spent three hours in the company of Neo and the Creator of the Matrix. If the first film raised, inter alia, the problem of humanity, it is here that people — robots, robots robots. This blows the indifference and cold from happening, when suddenly on the screen appears the good old Deckard/Harrison Ford, it seems that this is the first living person in this fucking sham of a glossy world. Although the sense from his character quite a bit (thanks to the authors for that!), and then I feel like meeting with an old friend who lost basically everything. As said Kip pardue in “the Rules of sex”, “I don’t know who I am, and I feel like a shadow of some stranger.” Feels just as blade runner in the hands of Villeneuve.

4 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 10.10.2017

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