New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

35 years after the release of the cult neo-Noir cyberpunk Thriller Ridley Scott in theaters coming out is not compulsory, but the long-awaited continuation of the story about a post-apocalyptic future where the world is populated by humans and Replicants — artificial people who are more humane than people. They were put on the Earth outside the law and special police called “blade Runner”, destroyed their detection. It is not called murder. It was called to send in his resignation.

Not to be wordy, it is necessary to say that the Director of “the Arrival” Denis Villeneuve, able to make such a risky sequel, to talk about not telling, important plot points, beginning literally with 5 minutes of the film, impossible. Should I go for the tape if “blade Runner” was not looking, and the timing of the second movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes, deters ? Definitely worth a look, because this genuinely intelligent sci-Fi in recent years, removed very little.

But those who expect from a movie Thriller with an incredibly staged action under the popcorn will be disappointed, because the movie, however paradoxical it may sound, is not for everyone. That is, goes to it is worth, but we must immediately understand that it is not what is marketed in the trailers.

Like many years ago, the first part being a standard science fiction was an example for other films on a similar theme in terms of visual design and “blade Runner 2049” makes most genre counterparts on many technical aspects. Every detail of the dirty world of the future, with very nice angles of camera operator Roger Dykins, under accompanied by the sound of a soundtrack written by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfish, you can admire every minute of the film.

In addition to this, the film is very intriguing and fascinating story, which seems predictable at first, but towards the ending it is revealed. He would not show himself fully if not for the great acting, each of the actors who is in his place.

An objective rating to give this film, as in most cases the maximum difficult and all depends on your attitude to part with his one-track narrative, and immersion in the dark universe of the future, with a philosophical reflection on themes of death and the meaning of life. Just because of my commitment to the original tape to this day-looking fabulous, subjectively, I can’t put a smaller ball, which will look many more times.

10 out of 10

Almost brilliant movie. Fascinating and exciting, as well as thought-provoking as the film 1982.

New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

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