New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

When I went to the movie, vaguely imagined what it will be, because the first film I don’t remember exactly, but here I read only a brief summary. Therefore, the judgment impartially. Cinema as a product in which particular Director is trying to fantasize about the future, it is always interesting, but often this interest is not justified because of the poor script, empty acting, and poor work of the Director in General. Unfortunately, it turned out this time.

The plot of this film is meaningless crumpled and stretched, any ideas glimpses here and there, but all this is nothing more than an oasis in the desert. Where is a good idea, which should illuminate the path of the hero, like a lantern in a dark cave? Do not look here for philosophical notes, it’s just a depression with a length of three hours, which seem endless. The writer worked disgusting, and the Director only missed this unfortunate by-product through the prism of his perception.

Acting is not heard. The heroes were trying to show but did not. Most likely cause is the lack of a comprehensive portraits of them that are worth feel and get used.

This film within his “universe” had good potential, but to realize it did not work, even though the picture quality is the only plus of the film. So around the middle of the view have formed a sense of expectation for the end of this monotonous and essentially useless. It is not recommended.

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New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

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