New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

“Blade runner 2049” is the sequel to the cult sci-Fi strip in Ridley Scott’s “blade Runner” in 1982, which was filmed stunning, in my opinion, Danny Vilniem. Generally praise Villeneuve in recent years has become pretty mainstream, but what to do if you have something. The first thing you should tell a little about my attitude to the original: I’m not too fond of. Seriously, I realize that the philosophy of the film is strong enough for its genre, and the technical component of the picture altogether generated the whole of the current but oppressive, oppressive atmosphere probably went too far for rational perception of the painting, and the typical Kotowska slowness of the story, even though small in duration, fought off the desire to follow the plot. But I did helped the music of Vangelis and the desire to end to plunge into the familiar unknown atmosphere.

But, let’s move on to the sequel, good Dani Villeneuve was not only to move on modern screens the charm of the original, but to make it a more watchable “fantastic big-budget art film”. In order.

Atmosphere. The Director loosened his grip and lowered the degree of oppressive atmosphere, leaving a bit of gloom and grandeur. However, the film is really majestic, it is not pretentious, no, it’s monumental. And the music of Hans Zimmer features. Plus the timing at 2:43 reminds us that we are watching a great movie. Watch it much easier than the original film due to increased number of different, detailed locations. It is here that we must bow to the team of artists and operator, has created a new world of 2049-th year. This is probably the most striking advantage of the movie (and it’s not empty words when there is nothing to praise)

Here you can wonder: is form prevails over substance? Partly. With respect to the original film became less deep, but got what lacked in the film Scott: good story and a decent plot. While Villeneuve was able to complement the image of Roy Batty, the Replicant from original paintings (Rutger Hauer). His philosophy was the philosophy of the hero Ryan Gosling (by the way, here he is very good). Issues were augmented and transmitted through the new image of the amazing, gorgeous open character. Successfully interwoven and the love line, one of the best in recent years in the blockbuster.

Separate I enjoyed catching references to the original, and some literary works, successfully implemented in the film. In the work of Danny Villeneuve this time I noted some creative borrowing from Tarkovsky and Trier that helped him to complement your original style new bets.

About quibbles: of course, the film inferior to his philosophy of the original, here, no question, but he successfully completes his world. Next will be a small, minor spoiler: the character Harrison Ford appears towards the end of the film. And when the story switches from character of Gosling to the character of Ford, in my understanding, the film becomes weaker.

What we have in the end? What is the innovation? Probably not very much, there’s a decent addition to the original paintings. Do I need to watch the original before going to a new Ship? Yes, worth it, definitely. Did the actors? Yes, you did it, especially Gosling. Did Villeneuve? Definitely, Yes! Did the film an aesthetic pleasure? Was taken, and the strong this year. Did he ponder over the problems? Not really. What I liked about the movie? The story, the visuals, the love story, the hero’s Gosling and blotches detective, which ultimately facilitated the safe and resulted in

8,3 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

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