New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

Being a fan of the original film, went to the session with no illusions about the sequel because of the sad situation in this field in modern cinema, and, as it turned out, not in vain. Overall the film is hardly can be called bad: great castes, and the camera work, futuristic landscapes, atmosphere — are all present. But for a good movie this is not enough, and the main problem to your script.

For starters, the concept of a hybrid of human and Android to say the least questionable, because the robot computer. And even if we assume the presence of specific human DNA in each individual sample, the result of crossing will either be a human or a vegetable without the Central nervous system. He’s not going to grow a pair at the cellular level of brain block that the dike itself is quite electronic, not written in his self-learning software. In any case, the writers decided to give on this occasion, explanation is not necessary at all.

Next, I would like to mention tight timing — and then it come out the problems of directing. The dynamics of the plot almost in its entirety is simply absent. Long scenes that seem to had to escalate the suspense, the desired effect had no effect. Mostly due to the fact that their completion was predictable, from the fact they looked pretty tedious. It also introduced a lot of plot lines that have not been developed, or had no impact on the story. To those include, let’s say, a sect of androids, sheltered hero Gosling, hero of the Summer, that’s all antagonist with the manners of God, but without the history and motivations, flashbacks of the main character. The latter, incidentally, having played in the story a significant role only once, occupy a significant portion of screen time. The behavior of the hero Ford is so simply irrational — in two scenes consecutively, it first tries to kill the stranger, and then offers him a drink. Although this can be attributed to the fact that from decades of loneliness Deckard a little confused.

Of course, you can say that all this is diluted a certain degree of pseudo-philosophers, or even philosophy. But while the original film raises quite significant issues — and the emergence of consciousness, self-consciousness, the forms of human coexistence with other thinking entities, and thus discloses them, the sequel does not contain deep ideas. Somewhere the writers tried to jump over your head, inventing hybrids, somewhere has not held, have produced an empty plot arches. The result was an average movie with a great visual part, which in a year no one will remember.

New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

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