New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

From the first minute with a head plunges into a deep, heavy and a fantastic atmosphere. Words can not convey. Pays tribute to the first part, but looks the same otherwise. However, fine.

I had a lot of doubts today, almost all sequels to old movies are doomed to failure because of the greed of the founders and attempts to match uncomprehending, flat, wide teenage audience.

After the movie, had long wanted to be silent. So happy that Vilnev has not safecopy masterpiece. And how nice to feel in the atmosphere that the creators have MANAGED to implement.

The speed of the film is perfect — time to feel the incredible depth of the picture and have time to think about the philosophy that a sequel is stuffed with notable. And yet, in the film, so MUCH manages to happen that the expense of time in vain lose you head leaving this city.

The city, by the way, is perfect. After countless SciFi pacifiers, used to see the future in movies is flat and childish-designed, banal. Here it’s different. The creators have managed to understand the vision described in the original book and implemented in the first part of the movie, and display it in perfection, for maximum leveraging of modern technologies. And even something to add.

The plot is non-linear and banal beginning, middle and end. Music — not Vangelis, but Zimmer team did something new, atmospheric, and, in my opinion, perfectly complementing the atmosphere of the film. Echoes of the first part is. If you look at home — morganite the most powerful subwoofer who you find. Otherwise, simply can not. Ideal to watch in the great hall and into an empty theater.

To the acting is nothing to complain about. Everything in its place. Especially Jared Leto.

(!) If you have a chance, I highly recommend to watch first part before watching the second, so as not to ask too many questions, and to smile broadly a few times while watching the movie. Fans of the first part should be satisfied.

The film is perfect as it is — not to take away or add. Such feelings I had not experienced for a very long time. These feelings will not be lost, lost like tears in rain.

New review: blade Runner 2049 11.10.2017

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