New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

Are you a fan of science fiction? Yes? So Villeneuve know? Villeneuve, spike Jones, Kosinski, Nolan, garland — those characters who are now reviving so rapidly falling a genre of Sci-Fi. Why falling? Because in the coordinate system of the most exiting films with a claim to scientific fantistico there are only two main motives — the man vs technology and man vs consequences of technology. Only a small fraction of the movies pays attention to the technology itself, what it can do with itself.

But I digress, let’s get into the film itself. Ryan Goslin, the main character of the film, overcoming the endless trash of the desert, cyberverse and gutters of cities is in constant search. No matter what he does throughout the film, are one — he is looking for. He blade runner, the search is part of his job. Here are just a looking for he turned out to be not that usual. Not runaway Replicants, not criminals of the law, he’s looking for a “miracle.” But the world is “running” there is no place for miracle. The world is “running” is an environmental disaster, endless wars, famine, hatred and despair. As in 2019, the characters of hopper’s “night Owls” still can’t leave the café because of the output it does not exist. Only now people write on the doors of homes Replicants the words “leather doll” not with anger, but with a lurking fear of the unknown that is ahead of them for a long time.

Where in this world is there a miracle? The main antagonist of Wallace (Jared Leto) answers this question. He, the Creator of the “Angels” (new line of living robots) believes that the miracle in his world can only occur when the Replicant will be able to repeat person. Down to the smallest detail. Only then will come the era of prosperity. However, he does not understand what consequences this may cause. “The only thing that separates us is a wall. If it will not, to begin the slaughter,” says Lieutenant Joshi character of Gosling. And, indeed, if between the robot and the person, there is no difference, which one is more human?

Music: as in the original movie is wonderful, so concise, and how creating the right atmosphere. The highest score

The plot: the twists and turns will surprise you, I assure you. The script is very carefully crafted, taking into account that this is not a book adaptation.

Vizual: That’s it for him I put the movie the highest rating. A very versatile image, lighting solutions, building the frame everything is perfect. And vintage movie of the 80s. Sometimes even I wonder how funny looking some of the highlights as they apply approaches to understanding fantastici the last century.

Overall impression: I’d like to believe that further Saifi is to develop according to principles of this film. Here you will tell — they say the film is tightened. And I can tell you that not a single unnecessary frame in the film I found. Here is a multi-step disclosure of the nature of technological progress. From the struggle of the Creator-creation to love between technology and the attempts to find in their soul.

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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