New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

Going a bit into the future, the firstthing worth mentioning came out of the cinema after the session feeling as if you’re still in this movie and you’re the main character. Although during the time that he goes to sleep, but the film doesn’t give you to do, as the atmosphere is emphasized in this music that it simply makes 50% of the movie, I’m not talking about how he was shot, as the delivered light, every scene in the movie the main character gets into such deserted people (“installation” a ruined naked female human bodies the size of multi-storey building, on the background of similarity of a sandstorm where the visibility is not more than 10 m), which creates the impression, he came to the “Burning man” festival, which takes place in the desert of black Rock…

The second striking handwriting Ridley Livestock that the film is trying at least to use special effects (like the movie “Alien” 1979) by the Maxim of creating the scenery, background, cars…is immediately noticeable and it is captivating, because of this, the movie gets a”ticket to the future”, time only will make it more valuable, it will be … in the genre — cyberpunk, set a high bar … do you believe the main character, the place where he lives, you yourself become them another hour after viewing the feeling that you’re in a movie, in that world, in that character…

Thirdly, how is this story not told to you in the background, thinks the hero, the scenes themselves make you understand that…and no one speaks their thoughts out loud, as if apart from him there is someone else, explaining to us the history of the world…you just watch and believe in what is happening.

Fourthly, I never thought I would write this but it is 3-D in theaters…usually the picture of 3-D low-contrast and dark (this is apparently is due to the fact that the projectors use a single lamp or a single projector), and since then the whole movie is in those shades of gray, 3-D does not destroy it but rather it gives depth, especially in scenes with small details, especially when it shows 3-dimensional advertising on the streets…

The main thing to watch for it again in the cinema so had no desire to pause or sleep…

It is worth noting the “blade Runner” 1982 I do not remember looking or not, but now it will be much fun to see this painting in the prism of time!

Such feelings left after watching the film “interstellar”…now it’s “blade Runner 2049”, which for me is rare, this is a review I wrote under the soundtracks to this movie, the movie to which you immediately want to review again, to applaud at the end, just sit down and write the review… so this movie gets from me

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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