New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

And even after leaving such familiar environment chamber Thriller, notorious for kinomanskie latitudes, the loonie managed to create a flawless masterpiece of cyberpunk. Three hours a Noir detective, seasoned with “nicehouse” intrigue and furious action flying like a flash. This BRILLIANT MASTERPIECE as a giant towers over the Pantheon of sci-Fi of the new Millennium! So do not be stingy on praises and accompliments all aspects…

PLOT. Original screenwriter HAMPTON Fancher and had a hand in such icons of the genre as “Alien: the Covenant” and “Green lantern’s” Michael green came up with a brilliant, relevant and much-anticipated sequel. Their script is completely saturated with Nietzscheanism, religious references and the stumbling blocks with which mankind will have to face. All adherents of the CPLP will be where to roam…

THOSE SEGMENT. Such a majestic philosophical subtext wrapped in a blanket no less vital the operator’s vision. Innovative spans the camera of Roger Deakins and his unique finds in photography an endless static make the audience immersed in what is happening with the head. Guru pictures has long earned the coveted statuette. Pierce into the consciousness of music give yourself a head start by Vangelis, and it is thoroughly planned and the appropriateness of settling forever in the hearts of the fans. Vizual climbed to the top. A lot of fog, rain, snow, BEES resonate with the invisible philosophical, and gloomy decorations add a special charm brutalmaster action.

MUMMERY. You thought in the teachings of Stanislavsky was all said about the ability to PLAY unemotional? It was not there! Ryan Gosling breaks all templates. The movements of his eyes and eyebrows demonstrate the whole range of emotions his character, and he looks perfect for the role of a hunter of Replicants. Mauled vidon Han Solo indicates the detail and the full immersion of Harrison Ford in the role. Remaining castes also coped brilliantly with the tasks.

CHARACTERS. A profound elaboration of images and sound motivation, make each of the characters corner the puzzle of the WHOLE, and getting rid of one of them would lead to the collapse of the whole intrigue.

DIRECTION. Denis Villeneuve, who needs no patronage of sir Ridley, almost single-handedly conquered such a heavy lump. To create as a fascinating art-house from the meditative narration is subservient to the exceptional nuggets and Villeneuve is one of them!

The result: a MASTERPIECE on all fronts! Genre round! Classic in life!

PS And may all the same we all and the critics and “commoners”, will be morally courageous enough to acknowledge the fact that the Creator of “Sicario” fell under the influence of Ridicolously sect, stumbled and shot by cash??? And maybe plot the void should not be hidden because of unbearable length, pseudo-philosophy and Museum visual? And maybe…

HONESTLY, tedious and unnecessary spectacle, flawlessly hidden behind inventive marketers.

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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