New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Philip K. Dick

Replicant-Android strictly performs the tasks of the authorities, but one day there comes a time when he has to think about the nature of their work and to critically evaluate the validity surrounding it.

Not content with some straight or four of a kind, the film is directed by Denis Villeneuve, with its impressive composure masters green cloth aggressively and no joke trying to raise flush from the next card ingredients: freedom, independence, self-determination, challenge the gods, the appeal to basics…

Alas. It is not enough just to specify the topic of freedom and independence. You need to this topic would be artistically backed by a real breakthrough. And in the film there is only viscous developments amid the immense dimly-artecologia imagery accompanied by majestic music that enhances the message of each particular scene, but in essence can’t make a fracture.

So the flush is more like a flash bagpipes.

How the Replicant-Android takes on the feeling in present — time alarms of peaceful coexistence in the regular races on the razor’s edge — can not be a breakthrough. But this does not mean that based on the famous work of the famous science fiction it is impossible to make a breakthrough.

Because in order to break through, sometimes it’s right to put the question.

The lioness is willing to die for his lion, Dolphin will bite the offender her cub, cuckoo for your child will go to a felony. Most people also care about their children.

However, why still no hedgehog has not yet got himself a pet snake? Why Albatross will not be friendly to soar above the waves, when the bottom swims a shoal of cod? Why make friends with the deer, the lion can only be in the story?

Only man has long gets his Pets. Maybe therein lies the secret of progress for peaceful coexistence.

So Denis Villeneuve is a very good reason ignored the flash piano question replicante-galaxy Android of Philip K. dick:

Do androids dream of electrohouse?

7 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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