New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

Even if Dany Villeneuve filmed in the style of “Traveling” the most boring article of the code of civil procedure or KZ-composition of sweet-sour sauce Heinz, and in this case it would be a masterpiece.

We observe a curious phenomenon — the shape at the same time and eliminates the contents, and pulls it down to their level. Shot so cool, that any plot flaws fall out of focus, a story of dignity still leave a shadow on the background of breathtakingly visual. But has been removed so that the content grows in the form as it becomes involved in her perfection, and thereby hardens the centuries in the first lines of the top 250.

If it didn’t Villeneuve, we would have a good solid fantasy, very valuable for fans of the first film, but in General — in the vastness of the industry — nothing but commitment to the cult franchise, not eye-catching. Well, clones and clones. Well, find herself. Well, the claims to the disclosure of the eternal questions. Little did these films are shot?

But “blade Runner, 2049” was placed in the hands of a brilliant canadian and we have a masterpiece of audiovisual art so aesthetically dense that my head is spinning. Hazy-dark-neon future was so tangible that I felt like a spectator of the days of the Lumiere brothers — when between the cinema and the train had no fourth wall, and moving pictures “t a m” were considered part of the “g d e a s”. So I was watching this brilliant movie, a strong feeling, like I was just in the future.

The film is almost three hours. And it’s perfect! It’s a movie, not afraid to alienate the viewer bored; as if we are in the era of directorial courage — when the author is not trying to please everyone, by simplifying the flow and shoving the frame more ekshona. They start doing wide movie the way it is seen, not as what is expected of them — and this can not but rejoice!

But to say, of course, want only about the visuals (and music, of course). In some sense such a powerful fulfillment of serving the film a disservice — he will remain in the memory of generations an absolute masterpiece, but (and forgive me for what I’m repeating myself) a masterpiece in the first place; the content is in such high terms of external parties will inevitably recede into the background, if its level is not above “just good”. If the content was in their niche just as thoughtfully, as a form of “blade Runner”, we probably would have seen one of the ten to twenty giants bar “Stalker”, “Mirror” and “Solaris” that dominate the film and justify its existence in principle.

Overall, this is a brilliant attraction of the dive, about the middle of the audience so zavorajivaet picture and sound, that he no longer needed, maybe no plot that he might would just go with this Noir the river, yielding to the current, set in motion umopomrachitel skill vishnevskoy team.

In the end we may not be aware that there is a “BPL 2049”. The trained eye of the ordinary spectator captures the story, the staging, the acting, audio, video, separately, examines the product into components, then analyzing it; and “the soul under the wraps of watching a movie in addition to me,” somewhere in the integrity of the work, in its very core can be hidden deteriorating spark the fire of some metaphysical properties, brought to life by sophisticated design of the unique aesthetic terms.


New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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