New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

Kay (Ryan Gosling) is a blade runner. Its task is to track down and “remove” outdated term Replicants — artificially created humanoid creatures. The most unusual is that the Replicant does not know the person or not… the same agent Kay tries to find the real me. This path leads him to an old story that happened 30 years ago. He will have to find agent Rick Deckard, who had previously been a blade runner like Kay. Together, they have to stop a dangerous enemy in the face Nandera Wallace (Jared Leto) — a wealthy Creator of a new generation of Replicants.

Danny Villeneuve has created a very high quality picture, which looks like a completely self-sufficient project. Of course, the interest in film was fueled by the fact that the continuation of the cult film of the same name by Ridley Scott in 1982, but still he the famous Director had worked here as a producer. The picture goes quite a long time, quite melancholic and measured. But it is very well interwoven with action scenes that allow the viewer to get bored.

The film certainly keeps the tension. The story itself is very accurately refers to the classics of 1982, because the movie for those times was unprecedented success in the field of graphics and effects. Most importantly, amid all the effects is not lost, and the overall meaning of the painting, its original history, the history of relations between humans and inhumans, finding themselves in a futuristic distant future. The creators focus on detail, large as it was in the previous film. The picture offers a powerful soundtracks and music selection.

Ryan Gosling grows every year in my eyes, trying on a lot of new interesting images. So fearless, but at the same time, the agent lost Key — a great job in his acting piggy Bank. The master of American cinema Harrison Ford out of discussion when he is on screen, don’t need anyone else. Even in his advanced years he is still in very good shape. Jared Leto allotted quite a bit of screen time, but the role of it is very key and memorable, though somewhat unresolved in my opinion. In the episodes it is worth noting also the winner of the “Golden globes” Robin Wright and Carla Juri.

As for my relationship to the picture, the movie is not quite cut me to my soul. Perhaps this is due to the fact that for me the “blade Runner” in 1982 — not a movie childhood, I looked at it recently. Perhaps this is why I have not experienced the nostalgia that he feels people “generation of the 80s”. But I give tribute to all pattern makers, and I understand that the film is based on a very high level, filled and action Packed, and graphics, and a moral component, which expressed a rather touching story. Of course, this picture deserves the audience’s attention.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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