New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

In 2017, perhaps, was not as I expected movie like blade Runner 2049. Of course, I’m still eager to watch immortal classics Terminator 2 in 3D, but also three-dimensional image, for me, there was nothing new. And so, yesterday, I was finally able to see a new picture Villeneuve.

Of course, something revolutionary in the world of cinema from him, I did not expect, so was ready to accept all the flaws of the film. But to my delight they turned out to be not so much.

What I liked:

– the atmosphere. Here it is no worse than in the original film. On the contrary, in 2049 in addition to dark and night scenes there are a lot of day, which gives some variety to the picture.

– the special effects. No overkill with them, everything in moderation and made with high quality.

music. Claims to it I have. It is generally designed in the style of Vangelis, although somewhat monotonous. But I was glad that she didn’t like the music overwhelming majority of modern blockbusters.

– action. The film as a whole is slowly, little action and, most importantly, in the active scenes there is a dizzying shift of perspective, I was particularly pleased, because I liked the trend blockbusters, when everything on the screen flickers and events are unfolding too rapidly.

– actors. Here I was particularly pleased with Dave Batista, which I was not previously seen in the movie. Impressed by his role, which, unfortunately, was very short. Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling played well expected. Especially impressed with the moment when the hero of Gosling found out about yourself something new. But the situation with the heroine Ana de Armas I didn’t like — I expected after all that events will unfold differently (without spoilers is not to explain). And yet, I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of actress Robin Wright. Who knows — this is the same Kelly from the TV series Santa Barbara

– seriousness. The movie has almost no humor, he is serious and even depressing. It is also in the spirit of the original film.

What’s not to like:

– the plot. This is perhaps the weakest component of the picture. About the illogic and inconsistencies not just lazy writing. I note just a moment with the fate of Wallace and Kay, who remained not finished (the hero of Gosling here is essentially the same uncertainty that his character in the film Drive). The rest will not paint.

Overall, the sequel was decent, which is rare with such a difference in the time interval. It makes no sense to expect him to repeat film Ridley Scott, since it’s already 2010 years, and to make a movie according to the canons of the 1980s will not work. And, at the same time, the film is not rolled in the standard blockbusters of recent years.

So my assessment:

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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