New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

“Blade runner” was released in 1982. At the time the film was struck by its beautiful picture, which became a breakthrough. These days the classical Traveling a pleasure to review and question the presence of the green background was not. In 2017, released a sequel that he brought, and what worsened?

The first trailer showed that in Running, nothing is clear and all the answers we expect in theaters. Did HAMPTON Panera and the rest of the show fantastic scenario? No, I couldn’t. For two hours the writers could only bring good idea, but the implementation was dull and boring. When watching I felt like I was gonna pass out in the dream, but kept to the last. However, the plot is constantly trying to kill three birds with one stone and because of this, there is the problem that the theme changes dramatically from one another and formed such a question: “was only the first issue, why did the second if the first… wait you have a third theme is shoved into the movie?” this approach forms the plot holes, but the Running and so it is sufficient.

Problems in the disclosure of the characters. We have two main characters: a Policeman Kay and Deckard, who was present in the original. First the writers were able to uncover perfectly, and the second was, and so revealed the original. Jared Leto gave two scenes. Two scenes villain who expressed such a philosophy and their plans that I wanted a lot more. The villain Jared Leto not only was able to catch me once again of philosophy, but to show how worthy enemy. The other characters play the role of dolls. They were given the main objective — they do. To survive or to watch them do not want to.

Blade runner is one continuous dialogue. For all two hours of the film you will see three big action scenes. To be honest, they performed at the competent level, but why only three? I in no way blamed for this film, on the contrary the dialogues are written very well, but still, I wanted more action scenes in the film

Over the past five years I have not seen a decent Director in the film. I can’t tell you with words what is she incredibly fantastic in the new Running! Dive into a Noir cyberpunk this happens right after the Intro movie. All two hours I have only received mass of pleasure. Director Denis Villeneuve, thank you so much for the best atmosphere of cyberpunk, you’re able to convey! At least I’m Running a new love for it!

Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch you do. They showed a clear example of how to combine the music with the atmosphere.

The film is not for everyone! It will appeal to people who watched the original or wild fan of cyberpunk.

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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