New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

On the one hand, many watching this film, I can say “what the hell”. Especially if you have not seen the previous film, not read the book. The first film I watched thoroughly forgotten the plot of the book, but immediately realized that the link only at the level of ideas and images. Then the story went even further from the book, and the relationship remained at the level of the same ideas.

The film is a direct sequel to “blade Runner”. Watch it without watching the first movie… I think not seriously. Perspective too close inherited. If the first film ended with the strongest monologue “to be or not to be”, in this film, given the successful response to this monologue, and then investigated the reaction of humanity to this event. Interesting, profound, but also a lot of action for fans of the shootings.

I really liked the entourage of the picture. Direct Association with the first part, and, another, Ghost in the shell. A very similar painted future. And absolutely awesome music, very reminiscent of the music of Vangelis. I even thought he wrote the music, but it turned out that Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfish. The picture with the endless rain, with the exception of desert areas, of course, and meditative music perfectly convey the atmosphere of the world described by Philip Dick and embodied in blade Runner in ‘ 82.

And the actors all very much. Psiheya alcoholic Madame goes perfectly with the melancholic officer Kay. Love with its strange decisions and desires, the virtual joy, and finally the aged Rick Deckard in the performance of the same Harrison Ford. However, there are associated negative feelings: the whole film had the feeling that, like in Star wars, will kill him. Then it’ll just be Indiana Jones to finish off.

As in any good science fiction, the film does not answer. He just pushes people’s thinking, worthy of a creature of sympathy, or just born are considered full members of society. How to treat a robot, and that changes his ability to feel and the similarity with the person.

No need to look for in the film logic. Like the first film, it does not possess. Plus very expensive books Philip K. dick. That was like some small clues, such as the purchase of animals left. And it’s fun. The films are not perceived as an attempt by the film adaptation of the book, they just removed the “based on” and it worked, in my opinion, very cool. Perhaps the new movie I liked even more, although redrawn the first part quite ready to compete in graphics quality. Needless to say, what’s she gorgeous? The film is worth viewing in the cinema, and at home to watch it, I believe it is necessary.

9 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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