New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

Not to say that I’m a big fan of the original film. When five years ago, watched it for the first time, I didn’t even like. Before going to the cinema, of course, examined again, and this time was satisfied. Can’t call this film a masterpiece, but it is justifiably considered a cult, because to the naked eye you can see the effect on mass culture and, of course, cyberpunk in General. For me this is a stilnenko noirci in the entourage of the urban jungle of the future with a touch of philosophical speculations about human nature, but no more.

However, let’s get to “2049”. Immediately we are immersed in the upcoming story and immerse very effectively. The plot thickens, flashing hints of the original (referring to the film by Ridley Scott, the source I have not read), Gosling with a cool look and stylish raincoat walking neon urban landscapes, and it’s more than cool. The film from the first frame gives the impression of a high level intelligent blockbuster and not even deterred by the fact that he is more than two and a half hours. I admit, I did lose track of time while browsing and never looked at my watch, the film I was able to tighten to your world and to win, but that’s then everything went according to plan and instead of a measured thoughtful detective Sci-Fi Thriller I got what I got.

Of course, the painting managed to surprise and impress. Four or five times the film completely changed my opinion, at first it was very exciting, but the second third it started to slip points, which arose confusion. And that happens or in cases when missed or when the writer during the writing said “to hell with it and going for a ride” and went on to the next stage. I suspect that it has played the second. If the picture of the 1982-th year was simple and clear motivation of the characters — a group of villains, Replicants creates excesses and the main character in the title blade Runner needs to catch them and neutralize — interspersed with related arguments about humanity and the human soul, here we get a vague hodgepodge of characters whose motives are blurred in the extreme. More or less understandable was our main character, who at the end also has faded and is left somewhere behind the perception. There is also a love story that while viewing impressive, but after a while it’s a positive impression disappears and is seen perceived as no more than some wild game. But under the increasing roar and howling of Hans Zimmer and co-composer, whose name I don’t remember. It reminds us that we need to worry for something. Some solid and memorable musical accompaniment (as did the music of Vangelis), the film can offer. Listen to the buzz.

One of the advantages here there are impressive action scenes, of which there are not many, but there are those that look a little too cruel. Stick a few moments, clearly tipped, but that’s okay, because the picture either intentionally did not understand (I call such things “Veselovka”), or trying to sculpt something in the spirit of the original film. Although, not a hindrance. But playback of the entourage was a success. It seems that after the “blade Runner” all the cities of the future began to resemble a jumble all at once with giant advertising signs and flying cars, but here it came out very nice. Indeed, it is the same world that thirty-five years ago, only more lively, big and beautiful. Visually the film is truly beautiful. And the scale of this world greatly increased, added many beautiful and contrasting locations. Here Gosling walks in the rain in the city, but it flies on some giant trash, then empty the Las Vegas of the future, and so on. Nice is all.

Only a good visual component, coupled with empty contents is multiplied by zero. Seems to me, then finally gone haywire on your creationism Ridley Scott’s considerable influence on film has had. Here is his favorite the Kiss of Judas, who in the first film standing in the right place and worked correctly, but in the recently released “Alien” already looks like a completely inappropriate and absurd reference to the Bible. In fact, it’s the same thing.

Couldn’t get rid of Parallels with “Prometheus.” If there is a question about the Creators, here the focus is on the Creatures. Yes, in the first “Running…” is also sway the topic, but she is not reminded of rassusolivanie some turbidity, because the picture was fairly clear framework and good rhythm of the narrative. Here the film is stretched to outrageous, but not saturated properly, why there is a wild a feeling of hollowness. Worst of all, when fecaluria is based on non-existent things and turns only around them. Ideally, this is how it works — in some fantasy setting is the story, which through the prism of certain events causes a person to think about something that well connected. It can be personal experiences, it can be a universal experience, but in General, these experiences always end up in the person. What they are is closer and simpler the clearer. For example, the second “Terminator.” Terminator T-800 to protect young John Connor, who tells him about what it means to be human, that you can’t just kill people and that there is no fate other than the one that we ourselves create. And in the end it works because Schwarzenegger is changing in the film and makes inside the viewer something to move. Complex setting with a fantastic story and a simple and accessible morality. All.

“Prometheus”, “2049” operate on some extremely murky and vague ideas. The first is the search of some abstract Creators (which already works with difficulty because it is too open a question to overlap with reality, although maybe religious people see it differently, I don’t know), and the second is relations with Creatures (which is not reciprocated in the real world, because there is no more of this artificial intelligence that could mimic human and we would have faced every day). And in all this there is close and clear the conflict. There are some instant motivation and involvement of the main characters, but by and large all of this in a moment disappears and remains only a huge puff with a couple of nice pictures and a basket of crap that will interest only people suffering from CPLP.

The film is beautiful, but if you really expect him to show some deep thoughts, he will offer you only Replicant — beautiful outside and empty inside. If you like to facilititate and to find meaning where there is none, then this movie is for you.

For brutal Gosling, great surroundings and some beautiful frames to put the film

6 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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