New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

The display of Ridley Scott’s novel “do androids Dream elektroauto?” carried to a greater extent visual load than semantic. For impressive for that time picture hides a far from strong narrative, excluding heavy explanation. The work though was a breakthrough of its time, does not differ depth of the contents, and therefore remains misunderstood by many. Denis Villeneuve has filled its missing elements, collecting unfinished puzzle scene. The sequel is not worse and even exceeds its predecessor, but the viewing experience is a full-fledged subject of experience with the original, since “blade Runner” — a form filled sequel to the brim, and without which this is the sequel wouldn’t make sense.

“Blade runner 2049” more like a movie of the author, written with aesthetically pleasing handwriting Denis Villeneuve. Trump card directed — completeness. Unlike all the same Scott, Villeneuve and placed emphasis on detail and grace. Impressive timekeeping, paid to every little detail enough to comprehend what he saw, and correlate events of the sequel and the original, and not to switch to snoring. A strong thread of the narrative (even interspersed with unexpected twists and turns) generally holds the attention, despite the low rhythmicity. Foundation for a biblical motif in the context of the picture — soaring spirit of Scott, but less showy than in “Alien: Covenant.” Tape stingy on the dynamics, but not at all boring, as it actively involves mental and visual processes. Delight — Villeneuve visualized presentation camera work of Roger Dikins, which resulted in atmospheric picture in the style of cyberpunk. The monotony of the palettes and the abrupt change of the contrast frame is mesmerizing, and the music is perhaps the best contemporary composer Hans Zimmer reinforces the feeling of vseporodny.

Tape sated current luminaries of Hollywood: Jared Leto, Dave Batista, Mackenzie Davis. But the real weight behind Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. Ford, of course, is not the same. Wasted enthusiasm of youth and the age makes itself felt. It is, rather, an impressive tribute to the past and a link, but not a soloist. The supremacy entirely on Ryan Gosling. He is young, talented and organic in any Duo, be it a relationship Kay/joy or cooperation and Kay Deckard. Gosling particularly attractive from the point of view alternative Ford. The story of his character intersects with the character of Ford in the main question of the franchise: Replicant or human? Leave a reply to it uncovered to create the ground for at least trikvela.

“Blade runner 2049” will not become the most discussed movie of the year and cult status, maybe not acquire. But skip such an event is impossible, because in recent years, and long after You no one will offer fiction more vivid and romantic, majestic and bold, thoughtful and beautiful.

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 12.10.2017

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