New review: blade Runner 2049 13.10.2017

Went finally on it’s feature entertainment. I’ll be brief and to accurately outline the advantages and disadvantages of not touching the story, the broadcast will be for those who are familiar with the iconic blade runner 1982.

And so from the first shots striking the same visuals, the same neo Noir with distorted reflections of neon signs and futuristic holograms in the endless rain, the streets narrowed myriad ubiquitous food courts and scurrying, stylish futurist gloomy estimate of the crowd. It would seem, what else do you need, lover hopeless liberatin? But no, most of the plot twists(and then some) takes place in a monochromatic scenery and wilderness. Also, there are serious claims to the composers, I certainly understand that the bar raised by Vangelis in the first film jump difficult, but why the melancholic footage of camera flight over the city, that we so cling, to insert the music-swotting suitable more for action scenes ? Riddle me this, the atmosphere evaporates instantly.

Went on. As for storytelling, it is inexcusable and stretched many frames in principle do not carry any meaning/subtext, plus strongly repels rather aggressive product placement, Peugeot and Sony. The story itself is quite fit in a nice short film, Villeneuve stepped on the same rake, as in “Arrival”.

If shorter and you’re thinking figuratively, then the first blade runner is a sculpture of unique beauty hints, while the second film is even and skilled, mathematically calibrated scale, but still drawing the sculptures in standard 2D. And even all the flaws do not cancel the fact that the detective genre of cyberpunk is nothing better and more beautiful over the past 15 years did not go.

7 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 13.10.2017

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